Tips for moving during summer

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Moving to a brand new place is really exciting! You get a brand new start in life, with a new location to boot. It doesn’t matter if the location is exotic like Miami or down to earth like Plantation FL, a fresh start is a fresh start. But, when to move is almost as important as where to move! Moving during summer is the preferred tactic of many, but you still need to be prepared for it. You have to organize! You have to account for the weather, lest it get uncomfortable or potentially harmful. Sunstroke is no laughing matter.

A white man with sunglasses, a hat, and a white t-shirt in a car, moving during summer.
You need to wear sunglasses and a hat while moving during summer.

Also, you have to plan way ahead. Professional movers in Florida will often be booked in advance, so start dialing those numbers at least six weeks in advance. Once again, the organization is key. You need to have everything in order to avoid expensive mistakes. This extends from important things like shutting off your utilities, to seemingly mundane things like your outfit for moving day. What are you gonna wear if you’ve packed everything?

Make sure to have utilities in your new place when moving in the summer

This one is self-explanatory. Imagine coming to your new apartment or house, sweaty and tired, only to realize you forgot to get air-conditioning. Wouldn’t that be a level of hell? Imagine if you forgot to turn on your water – how will you shower off the move sweat? Of course, if you’re moving to somewhere like West Palm Beach, you’ll have the seaside for cooling off, but that will still leave salt on your skin. Best skip the problems and make sure all your utilities are turned on and waiting for you.

Be aware of your health when moving during summer

You have to treat your body right. Moving is a physically taxing process. So, unless you pay attention to your limits, you will find yourself sweating like a sinner in Church, with a headache from the sun and a dry mouth from no fluids. Know what to do if you or a loved one are affected by heatstroke! You need to wear a hat and sunglasses, as well as clothing made from light fabrics. Preferably, in light tones, as white reflects sunlight while black absorbs it. Someone in a black shirt will get hot faster than someone in a white shirt.

A delicious ice cream parlor.
What better reason to indulge in ice cream than moving during summer? You’ve deserved it.

Drink plenty of water when moving during summer

Dehydration is a danger in the hot summer months. You have to have plenty of bottled water. Stocking up on cool drinks is a necessity when moving during summer, but don’t reach for the iced coffee or beer. After all, caffeine and alcohol will only make you more thirsty in the end. After all, it’s moving to Florida 101 to know the weather here gets really hot really fast.

A bottle of water being poured into a glass.
Provide bottled water for your movers when you’re moving during the summer.

Apply sunscreen when moving during summer

Yes, this is a must. Applying sunscreen with a sufficiently high SPF is mandatory when doing a lot of activity in the sun. Make sure to target places like ears, which are often forgotten. No one wants a sunburn in unfortunate places! Not to mention, sunscreen lowers the risk of skin cancer – and yes, skin cancer can happen no matter how much melanin you have.

Start early in the morning

When moving during summer, the last thing you want to do is get caught in the dreaded 11 AM-3 PM radius, where everything is blisteringly hot. Local Florida movers know the value of starting early in the day – the early bird gets the worm, after all. Hopefully, you won’t suffer sun for more than you absolutely need to.

Pack your belongings right when moving during summer

Some items just won’t weather the moving truck well during the blistering Florida heat. If you have any oil paintings, for example, they could melt! You have to figure out how to handle your belongings when moving during summer. Anything that has the potential to melt, very easily could. And if not outright melting, then sustaining damage. That includes candles, vinyl records, plastic…

If it involves plastic, therefore it involves electronics. You don’t want to try powering on your MP4 player only to find it half melted, right? Everyone knows you should keep your electronics out of direct heat, and temperatures in a stuffy moving truck can prove fatal for them.

Make a quick list of everything you need, and bring it with you

Of course, moving can be very hectic and stressful. What better way to reassure yourself than to make a list? That way, you could know what you need at a glance. Preparing for the big day will go way easier if you already know that you have everything under control.

  • Bring cold drinks – water, juice, sports drinks with electrolytes… Bring enough for the whole day when moving during summer.
  • Make sure to eat! You don’t want to drop from low sugar, right? Moving is physically intensive.
  • Wear loose, natural fabrics like cotton, in a white or light color. Stay away from darks and blacks.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Don’t wear high heels or flip flops, as they might chafe. You’ll have to do a lot of walking.
  • Make sure to wear a hat.
  • Apply sunscreen, and apply sunscreen several times during the day.
  • Start on time.
  • Invest in fans if you don’t have air conditioning. It will be worth it.
  • Be aware of heatstroke symptoms. Know what to do if you start feeling them, and react accordingly.
  • If at all possible, have a dedicated team of professionals do the heavy lifting for you! Hiring pros will definitely help spare you a lot of intensive labor.
  • Moving during summer might sound daunting after this article, but don’t give up! Summer is a great time to move, as kids are out of school and you can find work more easily. Not to mention, it’s garage sale season so you can easily get rid of your excess stuff and profit.

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