The best college locations in Florida


Do you want to study in Florida? We are sure that the answer is positive, because who wouldn`t? Florida offers some of the best universities in the state. You are about to have the time of your life under the bright Florida sun. That is why we have found the best college locations in Florida for you, so hurry up and apply. After you graduate, you can check out the best FL cities for college grads.

Make a plan

When you are looking for the right university that will fit your needs, you need to make a plan. A plan that will include your search for universities and gaining everything you need to get into some university. If you are moving to Florida from another country and you need a visa, make sure to call the embassy and get the list of documents you need to prepare. Find the high school diploma and certificates that you have and keep them somewhere safe while you are searching for universities. You think about hiring Coral Spring movers because moving is a lot less stressful with professional movers. Best college locations in Florida are waiting for you.

Take your time

Enrolling into a university is no joke. It takes time to figure out what you want and sometimes finding the right university can take a couple of months. When making such big decisions in your life, it is best to have plenty of time at your disposal. If you are under the impression that something is not right then it probably is not. Do not worry, everything will be just fine as long as you search what is best for you. If you can, it would be best if you could visit Florida over the summer and visit the universities that you like most. In this way, you would get the real feeling of how it would be if you studied there and maybe meet a bunch of people with the same aspirations as you.

Best college locations in Florida

The greatest universities in Florida are:

  • The University of Miami
  • Then, there’s the University of Central Florida in Orlando
  • The University of Florida in Gainesville

The University of Miami

Know that the University of Miami is located in Coral Gables, which is south of the city of Miami. Coral Gables is one of the best college locations in Florida. There are separate colleges and schools here, like the law school, school of medicine, school of marine and atmospheric sciences, etc. The University has a large campus where almost 90% of freshmen live. If you enroll in this University, you should only make the most of packing services Florida and move here.

Coral Gables is one of the oldest cities in Florida and has a lot to offer historically. Besides this, there are a lot of cycling tours, many swimming pools, a lot of trees and places to just walk or study. And, let’s not forget the vicinity of Miami and the best parks to visit in Miami where you can make a break from exams.

lake and palms in coral gables - one of the best college locations in Florida
The University of Miami in Coral Gables is truly one of the best college locations in Florida where you can achieve all your dreams and goals.

The University of Central Florida in Orlando

With well over sixty thousand students, the University of Central Florida in Orlando is easily one of the largest universities in Florida. It is recognized as one of the most innovative universities, making Orlando one of the best college locations in Florida. Furthermore, if you love black and gold color, you will love it here, as these are the official colors of the university. This is why you will not make a mistake if you come to Orlando to study. All you should know when moving to Orlando is that it is indeed a beautiful location full of soul.

Do you know what is the nickname of Orlando? It is The City Beautiful. Because it attracts millions of tourists every year and is definitely not boring. You will love the Lake of Eola, which is one of the most visited sites in Orlando, but also the Walt Disney world. Whenever you need a break from studying, you will find beautiful architecture, tourist attractions, excellent night bars, and a lot of green parks to rest your eyes.

lake eola in Orlando with the buildings in the background
Make sure to visit Lake Eola in Orlando as it is one of the most famous tourist attractions here.

The University of Florida in Gainesville

It was founded in 1853, and it can offer a lot to its students. Hence, if you are interested in dentistry, medicine, law, pharmacy, you name it, you can safely choose the UF as it is frequently called. And you will not regret it as this is the third largest university in Florida. Think about all the young, smart, beautiful people you will meet here. About the memories that you will make in this historic university.

students in a lecture hall
Meeting new people and having fun while studying are things that make going to college the best time of your life.

With a population of over 130 thousand people, Gainesville is a peaceful city. Here, students have a lot of advantages. In addition to this, it has a humid subtropical climate, which means that there are a lot of thunderstorms, but a lot of hot, sunny weather as well. This definitely makes it one of the best college locations in Florida and we wholeheartedly recommend it.

What you should know when moving abroad to study

As we already mentioned, gather all the documents you need for your future college. Furthermore, make sure to check whether your scholarship includes health insurance, as you want to have this covered. Also, do not forget to book a ticket in time, at least a month before you set off. And most importantly, start saving money on time as there are plenty of costs that you simply cannot predict. The best college locations in Florida are waiting for you, good luck!