Moving to Miami from abroad


So you are moving to Miami from abroad? You have probably seen Miami Vice, Scarface, Miami Connection or a plethora of other Hollywood movies that depict this beautiful city. The picture goes something like this. Hot summers, busy beaches, and a carefree lifestyle. If you find you crave something along those lines, you might want to consider moving to Florida.  More specifically its most popular city – Miami. Here are several tips if you are looking to move to Miami.

Moving to Miami from abroad you will most certainly encounter palm trees!
People connect palm trees with Florida, however palms only 12 are native to the state.

Weather – Moving to Miami from abroad

If you are moving to Miami from abroad you might think that its all beautiful beaches and hot sun. That’s why having an air conditioner is a must. On that note, most people blaze the AC so it’s there is a huge discrepancy between the outside heat and inside AC. Make sure to bring an extra layer of clothing! However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. From June through November there are tropical cyclones and hurricanes. That means that if you are planning on moving to Miami, you have to have a plan in case of a disaster. So be sure to stockpile on food, snacks, and water! Also, don’t forget to make a shelter of sorts where you can ride out the storms. In other words, when it rains, it pours in Miami. Be prepared! You want to be better safe than sorry.

Although Miami's climate is extricating during summer, people love coming to Miami Beach.
Miami attracts people of all ages.

Where should I move to?

Before discussing neighborhoods, you will have to first decide whether you want to rent or buy a home. There are a lot of factors to take into account. So much so, that we made an article on buying vs renting in Florida that will help you with this decision. After this, you are going to need to find out in which neighborhood you are going to live in. Miami in-and-of-itself is split, roughly speaking, into 4 areas. The north, south, west and to the east – the Downtown area. Of course, the busiest and most popular area is the downtown area. However, we have compiled a list of neighborhoods we recommend you should check out.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about moving to Miami from abroad. It’s a fashionable, chic place with a diverse culture of people. It is located, where most tourists visit when they come to Miami – the beach. So if this sounds like something you and your loved ones would do, this is the perfect spot for you. Just don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!


On the other hand, if a metropolitan feel is what you are searching for – look no further. Skyscrapers, highrises, and shopping malls are a regular sight here. This is where all the business happens. Banks, companies and firms. They are all situated here. So if this is something you want from Miami, be sure to check it out!


A village in the Miami – Dade County, Pinecrest is somewhat different than the rest of the picks mentioned above. This is an area with lots of land, good education and breathtaking villas, and a farmers market. In-and-of-itself Pinecrest is secluded from the hustle of the Miami streets. However, it is only a drive away from Miami Beach!

Day to day life in Miami

So you have just picked your neighborhood, prepared for interstate moving, and can’t wait to start your daily life in Miami. However, you are not really sure what to do once you arrive. What are the must-visit locations, and where to buy the best burgers and town? These questions and more will be further elaborated below.

The cuisine

Miami is gem packed with the food you have never tried before. The reason being is that Miami is a melting pot of different cultures. Prepare your taste buds for a lot of Latino American – Carribean influenced foods.

  • Chicharrón – is fried pork skin, but it’s super tasty!
  • Arepas – a kind of sandwich filled with cheese, pork, and avocados.
  • Ceviche – a popular Miamian dish which entails fish drizzled with a lot of juices and vegetables.
  • Cuban sandwich – Cuban bread, yellow mustard, roasted pork, baked ham, Swiss cheese, and sliced dill pickles, what’s there not to love?
Arepas are like a pancakes, just stuffed with meat and cheese.
Arepas are the national dish of the Columbians and the Venezuelans.

Outdoor activities

Since it is always warm in Miami, moving there might make you a little bit self-conscious of your body image. That’s why most people in Miami are generally fit. And staying active is one of the main things residents to.

Miami is filled to the brim with parks. The Biscayne National Park has more than 500 parks! You can see dolphins and turtles living in the Biscayne Lagoon. It’s a pretty good sight for sore eyes! Also, there are a lot of roads for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. There is also a lot of green land for picnicking and spending time with your family or playing sports with your friends.

If you are looking to party, Miami is the place for you. There are even clubs that work 24h a day 365 days a year!

Miami’s Calle Ocho is all it sets out to be. It is the epicenter of Cuban culture. It has amazing Cuban food, the historic center of Miami’s Cuban population. It’s home to famous spots for Cuban dishes and amazing coffee and beautiful parks. Moreover, it is the hub for Cuban political activism, so it is definitely a place you must visit!

In conclusion

So, to sum up, is Moving to Miami from abroad worth it? Well, it depends. Miami is definitely not for everyone. It has its perks and its disadvantages. Hot summers. People obsessed with their bodies. Amazing food. Does this sound awesome? Then Miami is the place for you! However, if you are squeamish on the thought of bugs, hurricanes, and wild nightlife this is definitely not a place for you.

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