Moving In 7 Days – Here Is How To Do It With Ease


Moving, on its own, might sound like something scary. Short deadlines, tons of items like bulky furniture, antiques and children’s toys to move, work-related items… all of that to be completed in a rather short period of time. And if you focus on another thing unnecessarily and, as a result – start procrastinating – this is where the real trouble kicks in. No time to focus on what’s important, and what items are not needed anymore. But the disasters can be avoided with several easy tips. With this quick guide on what you need to do, you will be moving in 7 days in no time.

Moving In 7 Days – Everyone Can Do It

It may seem like a tip that speaks against itself, but this is actually true. Even when the time to finish moving is rather short, rushing to do so can end rather unpleasantly. Forgotten items. Damaging items in the process. Injuring yourself or the others. These are just some of the possible outcomes that may occur. Therefore, it’s very important to have at least some kind of plan at hand. With it, you shouldn’t have any issues at all – and the chances of completing everything in time will be significantly higher. Let’s go through some of the tips that are worth noting…


Clock on the desk.
 Don’t race against the clock! Focus on what’s important


A Couple of Months Before Moving

The first important step is decluttering. This basically constitutes ridding yourself of any items that you didn’t use in a while. Or simply don’t plan to use in the near future. Do you have some old fashion or tech magazines sitting around? Or perhaps some old VHS tapes which you converted to a digital format? Whatever the case – many items like these, or even some old toys and clothes – can be donated. Not only that, but you can also recycle many of the items you don’t use anymore.

Stacked magazines
Old magazines can take up quite some space

Make sure that, a couple of months before moving, you declutter your home from unnecessary items. This is mostly because such items will simply be packed in separate boxes. Boxes which also have to be moved, and paid for. Unplanned expenses are one of the most common causes of budget deficits. Therefore, one of the first steps should be cleaning your home and throwing away unnecessary items. Hence, it is best to start moving in 7 days by quality declutter of your home.

A Couple of Weeks Before Moving

A few weeks before the moving date is when you should start thinking about the utilities. Namely, the TV and Internet plans that you have with your providers; the electrical and water bills. This way you will be able to transfer all the paid bills and debts to a new address.

One of the most common mistakes is that people tend to forget these commodities. You plan carefully, move all your items… and you suddenly receive a bill for your old place. Therefore, you should do in on time, but don’t call the companies too early.

Laptop and a notebook
 Don’t forget the utilities!


Sometime before you move, you may start considering a temporary storage unit. Many cities offer public storage units which you can pay for. You can pay for a few days’ time, or up to a few months. This might not be such a bad idea considering you most probably won’t know what to do with some of the items you own. If in Florida, you might want to take a look at some local Florida movers. As such, they provide services from your home to any location you pinpoint – be it a new home or a storage unit.

Days 1-3: Packing

A week has 7 days and is one-fourth of a month. It may not sound as much, but if planned properly – it shouldn’t be a problem. A good plan would be to take some items you need, but don’t use that often, and pack them during the earlier months. A week before the moving day – you should dedicate the first 3 days to some solid packing. Take several hours of each day and pack all the items that you’ll need. With quick breaks of course. As you will see, moving in 7 days isn’t really hard at all.

A living room with sofa surrounded by cardboard boxes as if someone is moving in 7 days.
 Pack whatever you need for your new home


With the appropriate packing materials like duct tapes and cardboard, you will be ready in no time. You can buy the materials, but some companies provide their own. Therefore, it’s worth researching which moving company might be the most suitable. For moving within Florida – you might want to check out some reputable ones, like Moving Kings Van Lines FL. They provide the packing services complete with labeling and careful handling.

Day 4: Moving Day

On a moving day, the moving company you hired will be coming to your home. Many movers practice different packing and moving methods, but there is usually a well established one. Namely, we usually move the bulky items first. Like furniture, antiques, fridges, ovens and so on. Afterward, the movers may start loading the other items packed in boxes which don’t take as much space. In order to avoid any damages to fragile items, people move the utensils and kitchen-ware last. This is when the majority of items you packed will be moved and handled properly.

Additionally, one of the first items that should be moved is those that need immediate use after the moving completes. Items like these may be laptops, desktop computers or any school and work-related items.

Days 5-7: Unpacking

Perhaps the easiest part of the moving process, unpacking might not be complete within just a day. Be ready to dedicate spend a few days unpacking your items. Naturally – you may want to start from the biggest and most needed items first. Later, start unpacking items which you seldom use. Lastly, the items like pictures, curtains, and other decorations are usually the last ones. Moving in 7 days is as easy as it sounds! Ultimately – let’s not forget that if you’ve sustained any accidental injuries, you should take treat them as soon as possible to avoid complications.

A dog in a box
 Unpacking is perhaps the easiest part of the moving process



Finally, if you have been following these steps, you shouldn’t have had any issues with relocation. Of course, the exact day of moving may vary from home to home. If you feel like you are a more efficient person – you might even have a moving day on day 3. Or it might be a day 5, if you like to take your time. In this case – two days should be more than enough to quickly go through the boxes and unpack all you have.

Let’s have a quick reminder of what a moving week can look like:

  1. Days 1-3: Packing
  2. Day 4: Moving day
  3. Days 5-7: Unpacking

With this rough schedule, you shouldn’t have any issues when moving in 7 days – start to finish. Have a nice moving week!

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