Disassembling furniture with ease

A whole BUNCH of wrenches.

So, you’ve decided to move. Congratulations! Now, all you have to think about is…well, everything. No matter if you’re moving to a busy place like Miami or a calmer place like┬áJupiter, there’s a lot to handle. You have to pack up all your belongings, get your medical records, check utilities, and all sorts of tiny things. So, sounds pretty scary, huh? Well, don’t worry. Some things appear scarier than they really are. For example, you probably think moving bulky things like furniture and beds is really difficult, right? Well, not necessarily! You can decide on disassembling furniture with ease, and transporting them that way! It all depends on the specific kind of furniture you have and what the best way to transport it is.

Someone's living room. The tables are in the "disassembling furniture with ease" slot, but the couch might not be.
You can end up disassembling furniture with ease if you’ve kept the assembly manual!

You have to plan this in advance. If you’ve got several tables and a bed to move, it will go over differently than if you had several beds and a table. The dimensions your furniture will end up in is important – for your convenience. Plus, you have to seriously consider what you’re bringing and what you’re leaving. That snazzy new desk and ergonomic chair? Definitely going. That rickety bedside nightstand with loose, clacking drawers? Probably a safe bet to say it won’t survive a disassembly and reassembly, so why not just toss it? A good part of moving is the possibility of reinventing your entire style when it comes to furniture if you have the money and inclinations to.

Be careful of the little things if you want to be disassembling furniture with ease

Imagine this: you’ve successfully disassembled your tables and desks. You’re all cozy in your new place, putting them all back together, only to realize you’re missing screws. That’s the nightmare scenario, right? So, you have to pay special attention to all those little things that hold your furniture together. A good system is to put all the screws for a specific piece of furniture in a clear plastic sandwich bags. Make sure to label your plastic bags with the corresponding furniture! Otherwise, you just have a confusing bundle of bags. Use tape and markers to label the bigger pieces, too. After all, you’ll have to put all of these back together again!

A whole bunch of screws messily thrown about pretty much everywhere, what happens if you're not disassembling furniture with ease.
Disassembling furniture with ease means you sort everything for reassembly properly. Don’t get a screw loose!

What about instructions?

No instruction booklet? No problem! Thankfully, many furniture factories like IKEA put up specifications online, free for all to browse. And even if you think you don’t have to consult instructions when disassembling furniture with ease, you probably do. Especially if we’re talking about bigger pieces. And, even if you’ve taken everything apart, you still have to take care to move it with the caution it deserves.

  • Make sure to keep the instruction booklet with you if you’ve got it. You’ll need it for reassembly.
  • Disassembling furniture with ease means paying special attention to how it’ll be reassembled later. That has to be your focus point.
  • Be careful during your move.
  • If you’re moving tables, make sure their legs are bound together so you don’t lose track of one during the move!
  • Remove all protrusions you can – that means cupboard handles, anything that can snag on something and break off.

What if you can’t be disassembling furniture with ease yourself?

It takes a lot of intelligence and confidence to admit freely when a problem is beyond you. Thankfully, that’s what professionals are for! Professional movers in Florida are there for all your furniture moving needs. If a specific item is too tricky to be disassembled, at least you can rest easy knowing the pros absolutely will not damage it.

How do you protect your furniture?

Just because you’ve disassembled your furniture doesn’t mean you can haphazardly throw it onto the truck and call it a day! Even if you remove handles on cabinets – and you should – the body is not safe from dents and scratches. You have to keep your furniture protected and safe from dents during transport – or hire professionals to do so. Consider investing in moving blankets and stretch film, either renting them from professionals or seeing what’s new on craigslist.

A complex, antique study, complete with globe and comfy chairs. If you wanted to try disassembling furniture with ease, how would you do it with these?
Hiring professionals is especially worth it if you have antique items!

What about the tools of the trade?

You can’t start disassembling furniture with ease if all you have is a toothpick and bright ideas. It is important to use the proper tools. That doesn’t mean spending boatloads of money on snazzy tool-sets – unless you actually want to, that is. That means paying attention to what kind of screwdriver was used to fasten something and using the proper one in the proper size. Otherwise, you’re risking widening the screw holes, and then you’re screwed. You also have to be very careful when you’re removing table legs or desk legs. Don’t use too much force. It’s important to be gentle! If you yank out a table leg like you’re pulling teeth, you might end up with a crippled table.

Why should you hire professionals for this?

There’s a lot of risks involved with moving. And, if you’re already hiring long distance Florida movers, you might as well splurge on quality packing services. Plus, if you’re hiring real, seasoned professionals with many a move under their belts, they’ll know exactly how to handle your furniture. And, of course, pros have excellent equipment. You won’t have to frantically cobble together a DIY protection for your beloved furniture since pros already have the skills and the equipment to handle it. Depending on the item in question, there’s a chance the pros can safely move it as-is.

And this is not mentioning the excellent packing services┬áseasoned professionals have to offer! As we’ve stated, disassembling furniture with ease is at least half about reassembling it. However, professionals have got a lot more experience with that than you do!

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