Makings of a reliable interstate mover

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Moving to Florida is a great idea! This state offers a lot – warm climate, housing costs are lower than the national average, renowned shores, great lifestyle, etc. But, when you decide to relocate, there are many things you should consider – should you buy or rent a house, how to find a job, and finally how to find a reliable interstate mover. Moving is a serious operation, so we definitely advise you to look only for serious interstate movers in Florida. Your security should always come first, and the only way to ensure your and the safety of your belongings is by finding a reliable interstate mover. But, how to do it?

Gather as much information as possible

Having enough information is the key to finding a trustworthy mover. That means that you need to be informed about the people who will take care of your belongings. How to gather all that information? Well, there are a couple of ways. First of all, there are the people you trust. Family members, close friends, or your co-workers. And if they have moved in the recent past – they can provide you with all the information that you might need. If getting inside information from your loved ones isn’t an option for you, turn to the Internet. It is quite easy to find whatever you are looking for online nowadays. So – open your browser and start digging!

  • ”Big name” companies aren’t always the best choice. Do the research thoroughly. Don’t hire the first company Google presents you with.
  • Stay away from promoters. Find a reliable interstate mover by yourself.
  • Look for fully bonded, licensed and properly insured moving companies only!
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Find the right ally!

Stay opened for different options

Have at least two or three companies as your choices before you make the final call. This way you will be able to compare the offers and maybe try to get a better deal. Ask for estimates, and compare their services and prices. Expensive moving services aren’t always the best. Find the balance, and go with it!

Look for the red flags

When someone is trying to scam you, the chances are – you will feel it. Trust your instincts. If something feels funny, try to find a reliable mover in another place. Never trust moving companies that aren’t licensed and insured. These two factors are very important when you are looking for Florida moving services, and they will help you determine if a mover is who he says he is.

Makings of a reliable interstate mover


A moving company with years of experience is always a good choice. Thousands of satisfied customers prove that the moving company really is reliable. Your safety comes first – and the best way to avoid getting scammed is to find a reliable interstate mover that is a household name. More than 20 years in the moving industry? Sure! Why not? Read the reviews, and make sure you come to the right decision.


Every reliable mover treats his clients with respect. Your opinion matters, so make sure you find a mover that won’t make any decisions before consulting you. Yes, an experienced mover knows how to transfer your belongings – but your satisfaction is quite important too.

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Your mover should check all the boxes.

Time efficiency

You should get what you are paying for. Every reliable interstate mover will help you move quickly and efficiently. Don’t accept excuses, setbacks, and similar situations. The moving company that you decide to hire for a job should respect your time and money. Every relocation is hard, and time and nerve consuming. There is really no need to make it any longer.

Easy communication

Your mover should be easy to talk to. Every professional moving company will offer you all the information and advice regarding your move. It is just the way this job is done. And if you have any questions or something isn’t clear – feel free to give your mover a call. Don’t be shy – there is no shame in asking for help!

They offer written estimates

Getting an estimate online is a good way to get an idea of the moving costs. But, every reliable interstate mover will offer you a precise, written estimate. This means that estimators will come to your home, and estimate the complexity, size, time, moving conditions, floors – and give you a precise estimate. And it will be written – in the other words – official. This way, you will get a guarantee that the price won’t change when the moving day comes.

Professional equipment

Every reliable interstate mover knows how different every relocation project is. That is the main reason why professional moving companies have special tools. You never know what you might need – but your mover should. And if you find the right one – he will. Never settle for anything less.

Truck on the road.
Reliable interstate movers have professional equipment and trucks.

Trained moving teams

Try to find a moving company that has highly qualified employees. You don’t want someone inexperienced to handle your belongings. Hire the best of the best. It may seem hard to find – but if you look hard enough, you will find a reliable interstate mover that checks all the boxes.

Moving to Florida, especially moving to Florida from another state is an adventure. It can go both ways. However, if you don’t want to risk yours or the safety of your belongings, make sure you find a reliable interstate mover. Every relocation is unique, and every individual has some special requirements – and you should make sure you find a mover that can meet all your standards. In order to move to Florida stress and hassle-free, you will need an ally – and who better than the Moving Kings Van Lines FL?



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