Characteristics of a reliable moving company

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When you decide to move, the process of relocating your home can take different courses. You can do it by yourself, but you risk spending more than you previously planned and damaging your valuables. We recommend hiring professionals and avoid all those risks. But even hiring a professional moving company isn’t that easy. You need to choose the right one. You need a trustworthy and experienced mover who will deal with your furniture and boxes the best way possible.  So, you wonder how to find a reliable moving company? In this guide, you will learn what are the characteristics of an experienced, reliable moving company and be sure you have chosen the right one.

Ask the people you know

In finding a reliable moving company, it is important to get any kind of reference. Basically, ask the people around you – your family, friends or co-workers who recently moved to tell you about their experiences. In searching for a reliable moving company, both positive and negative experiences are welcome and valuable. The comments and references of people you trust are the first step in finding a trustworthy company.

Do some research on the internet

Doing an online research is a must nowadays. Fraudulent companies can’t get away from bad comments and reviews, so the internet is the place to look for these. Many websites offer reviews on various companies, and there you can read comments, both positive and negative about them. When doing an online research, be careful with:

  • Popular, big-name companies – don’t fall into this trap. It is not always true that the first name you see on Google is the best. Do the research thoroughly.
  • Websites that offer to find a reliable moving company for you – some website offer to find you a moving company – that paid them to promote it. Find a reliable moving company by yourself.
  • Incomplete estimates – a trustworthy company will do an in-person estimate which is precise and lists all of your things. Incomplete or rough estimates shouldn’t be the final step before you pay.
a reliable moving company has a good internet profile
Doing an online research can be valuable in searching a reliable moving company

Have a couple of choices when finding a reliable moving company

Before you make a final decision, have at least two or three companies as your choices. This way you will be able to compare the offers and see which one is the best for you. It is also good to contact local moving companies because it is safer, easier and usually less expensive. This means that if you are in Florida, moving companies you contact should be local and you should also choose packing services Florida. Choosing a local company means you can easily contact them or visit their offices if it is necessary. This way you will be sure you chose a reliable moving company.

Ask for a precise, written estimate

Getting a rough estimate online is used only to get an idea of the costs you are about to face. However, when contacting a moving company, you should ask for a precise, written estimate. This means that the moving company should take all your things into consideration, along with the moving time, special items, moving conditions, floors, etc. All of this should be written on paper as a proof. The estimate you get should be a written binding estimate or a not-to-exceed estimate that guarantee the price you will have to pay. Any other type of estimate can go over the offered price and may cause surprise and problems.

a precise estimate is the sign of a reliable moving company
Getting a clear and precise estimate is the key to good business

Show the movers everything

The person that comes to your home to make an estimate should see everything you need to move. So be sure to show them all the boxes, rooms and items that need to be relocated. They should also be informed if there are any special items that require special care, like when moving pianos, pool tables, etc. If you live on higher floors, let them know. Don’t forget the items in your backyard, attic, basement, etc. If you fail to do that, you can get an unpleasant surprise when you see the price of the move rise above your budget limits. And there is not much you can do on a moving day.

What are the signals that you contacted a moving company that is not reliable?

Here are the things you should pay attention to – the signs of a bad moving company:

  1. ambiguous or inaccurate estimate – if a moving company doesn’t want to do an on-site estimate or the quote that you get is incomplete – it is probably a scam signal.
  2. large pre-payment – do not agree to large deposits before the actual moving day
  3. offer is too-good-to-be-true  – some fraudulent companies try to attract ‘clients’ by offering their services at extremely low prices. Don’t fall for prices that are much lower than the average.
  4. no website – if you can’t find any information about a company online, like their address, clients’ comments, telephone or some other information – it is likely that the company doesn’t exist.
  5. no offices/storage/warehouse – hiring a local moving company means you can visit their offices or check if they have storage facilities or warehouses. If they are non-existent or look suspicious – it is a signal to run away.
  6. no insurance – check if your things have insurance and get the proof printed on paper.
  7. moving truck looks suspicious – if a company doesn’t have their own, registered truck – something is wrong.
  8. no USDOT number – a reliable moving company should be registered with US Department of Transportation and have its own USDOT number.
A reliable moving company truck
A reliable moving company is not that difficult to find

Even though all these steps in finding a reliable moving company seem too much, they are all necessary. After completing the moving process successfully, you will be more than happy that you found a reliable moving company that met all of your expectations. Now if you have some extra boxes and don’t know where to put them, check storage facilities you can find in Florida. And enjoy your new home!

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