Investing in apartments vs houses in Florida

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Are you considering whether you should invest in apartments vs houses in Florida? You have come to the right place, as we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of each. After reading this article you will be able to determine whether you want to invest in apartments or houses. You can then start choosing the best location for you and enjoy Florida’s sun for the rest of your life. It does sound great, doesn’t it? You can check out licensed movers Florida as soon as you buy the property and start packing.

Why should you invest anyway and deal with the apartments vs house in Florida question?

Let`s start by defining why should you invest in Florida in the first place. There are several quite big reasons for this:

  • stable market – the real estate market of Florida is very stable and growth in real estate investing is expected. The year 2019 promises to be one of the best years for purchasing an estate in Florida
  • unemployment rate is very low – and this means something. Last year, the unemployment rate was under 4%, which is remarkable. You can rest assured that once you buy a house or an apartment, you will have a lot of job opportunities.
  • tourism is flourishing – Florida will be attracting even more tourists in the years to come. With appealing beaches, great nightlife, fantastic weather, and job opportunities, everybody wants to come and visit the sunny country. Now, the issue of investing is apartment vs houses in Florida seems a lot smaller.
the photo of Tampa bay city skyline
Apartments vs houses in Florida is an eternal question, however, whichever you choose it will be great.

The advantages of investing in an apartment in Florida

When it comes to investing in apartments vs houses in Florida, it is important to know the advantages of each before you make a decision. You should take a moment and think about your personal needs and future plans, and making a decision will not be stressful.

Apartments are cheaper than houses

This is a major advantage that you should take into consideration when choosing between houses and apartments in Florida. The median price for a house is $241,700, whereas for apartments it is $231,000. However, this greatly depends on the market and the difference is much larger in certain places.

Apartments are easier to maintain

No matter how large your apartment can be, the fact that it does not have a backyard means that you do not have to work a lot to maintain it. Also, houses should be painted, the lawn must be mowed, you would need to clean the backyard from fallen leaves, and the list goes on and on. A lot of work must be done if you want your house to look neat and nice. Instead, if you buy an apartment, you have saved yourself from all of this work and you can think about all the things to do after the move.

Investing in apartments vs houses in Florida
Apartments are much easier to maintain than houses, as you do not have a backyard.

They are usually downtown

While houses are mostly in suburban areas, the apartments are in the downtown area, which means that amenities are near you. You will have easy access to the city pool, gym, library, coffee shops, stores. You will feel connected with the city and with the people. Whereas houses are somewhat detached, and it is not that easy to make friends with someone, you can easily do once you have bought an apartment. In the battle of apartments vs houses in Florida, things are looking pretty good for apartments.

The advantages of investing in a house in Florida

Buying a house has its advantages and disadvantages for sure, however, the most important thing is that you feel good, stress-free and relaxed. We are going to name a few advantages which should definitely not be overlooked. Once you buy the estate, you can contact Coral Springs movers to move your belongings and you can then enjoy your new home in Florida.

Your house – your freedom

While it is true that there is a lot of work around the house, it is also true that you can do whatever you want around the house. There is a lot of space for you to express your creativity in numerous ways. You can paint your house any color you like. There is always an option to build your own swimming pool and organize parties in your backyard. Owning a house definitely means that you can do a lot of things that you otherwise could not do if you bought an apartment. You can decorate your garden, and make it heaven on earth.

A toddler wearing blue floral pool float in a swimming pool
One of the advantages of buying a house in Florida is that you can build a swimming pool in your own backyard and enjoy great weather all year.

House is great for children

Let`s face it, if you are planning to have children it would be ideal if you bought a house in Florida. Buying a house in Florida means that your children will always be safe in the house and around it. It is really easy to let them run in the backyard, while you are there watching them. You would not have to worry about cars or strangers.

Houses are perfect for redesigning

If you buy an apartment, that apartment will always be the same, the way the rooms are intended to be cannot be changed. On the other hand, once you purchase a house in Florida, you can always remodel it the way you want it. You can add rooms, or make one room out of two smaller ones. Also, there is an option to build a porch, a swimming pool as we already mentioned, or a perfect playground for children. Your dreams really can come true if you buy a house. Your needs can change over time, and if you buy a house, the house can change along with your needs.

Apartments vs houses in Florida

To sum it up, apartments vs houses in Florida is certainly a win-win situation as you gain a lot by purchasing a real estate in Florida. Think it through, consider your future needs and make a decision. Remember that you can always sell the real estate if you change your mind, or rent it and make a business out of it. 

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