How to prepare for moving to college in Florida

Going to college is a huge part of your life, that you will remember with a smile on your face. Although studying and taking exams can be overwhelming at times, you will love every second of your college life. Maybe it would not be as interesting if you were not moving to college in Florida, though. When you find yourself in a new environment, where you do not know anybody yet, remember that your life is about to start now. And in order for this to happen, especially if you are moving to Tampa, you will need professional movers to assist you with your move.

moving to college in Florida is great. Passport and a suitcase
Moving to college in Florida means that you should check out the expiration date and obtain all the necessary documents for college enrollment.

Start preparing on time when you are moving to college in Florida

As soon as you make a decision to study in Florida, start with the preparations. It is never too early, although the best time to start is at least 12 weeks before the move. Sit down and calmly go over the things that you will need to do. Write down every little detail in your ultimate moving checklist. This piece of paper will save you so much trouble, and it will help you keep your ground at all times. Moving to college in Florida is not something you do every day, so you better do it right.

Choose your faculty wisely

You will organize the move easily and with enthusiasm, if you like your choice of college. Florida is home to some of the finest colleges, so the only question is where do you see yourself. It is very important to follow your dreams and wishes. With discipline and joy, nothing is impossible. Just think about all the opportunities you will get, friends you will meet, and places you will visit. That is why you should check out the best college locations in Florida.

Visit your college before the final move

Once you choose the right college for you, pay a visit to it. It will decrease the stress-level because you will get to know the surroundings. Maybe you will even meet a friend or two, so adjusting to a new city will not be that hard. While you are here, you can search for a place to live, check out the dorm rooms. You will find it so much easier to start your studies once you have seen it once. Not to mention that you will have a much better insight into what you will need.

a piggy bank and piles of dollars
It is very important to start saving money on time when moving away, because you will feel much better knowing that you have extra cash.

Obtain all the documents you need

This is exactly why it is a great thing to start with the preparations for moving to college in Florida on time. It is vital that you check what documents do you need exactly for your move.

  • Passport and visa – If required, obtain them. And also, if you have them already see what are the expiration dates on them. Otherwise, you are up for an unpleasant surprise.
  • Plane tickets – Make a reservation of your plane tickets well ahead of the moving date. You will save money if you book the tickets soon enough.
  • College documentation – Visit the faculty website and see if you are required to bring a copy of your diploma, ID, etc. for the enrollment, or for the Florida College System.

Put all of these essential documents in one envelope and keep it somewhere safe.

Decide what you will bring with you

Moving away from a family home is not all that easy. Firstly, you need to leave your friends and family members, but you will also have to leave some of your stuff behind you. If you decide to take all your belongings with you when moving to college in Florida, that can be quite expensive. So, make a list of your inventory. Take only the items that you love most, and most importantly, that you know you will use. Bring clothes, your laptop, and some of your favorite memorabilia. Nationwide movers Florida will move everything that you want, whenever that you want.

If you can`t move in just yet, you can store your items in warehouses at an affordable price.


If you happen to arrive before your apartment, or dorm room is ready, there is a solution. Store your items in some of the best storage units in Florida. The monthly rent will not be so expensive, because you will not need a large space if you bring only the essentials. And, you will know that your items are safe in the storage unit.

Start saving money

As soon as you start planning the move, you will realize that it is better to have some money saved. Although there are many ways to save money while moving away, it is better to be safe than sorry. Furthermore, in order not to stress out during the first few months of your studies, start saving money. You can find a part-time job during the summer break before your lectures begin. You will thank us later.

Throw a goodbye party

This is also one of the most important things that you need to do. A week or two before you move, throw a party for your friends. Planning does not have to take up a lot of your time, you can keep it simple. What is important is to have a bit of fun, and say goodbye to one part of your life. You will love it and it is a perfect opportunity to get closure and show your friends how much you cherish them. You can use this event to give away some of your belongings that you cannot take with you to Florida. We are sure that your friends would be happy to get your favorite plants or books. Moving to college in Florida will definitely be a big change, but your friends are always there for you.

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