How to Move Large Pieces of Glass and Marble

If you have a large glass or marble piece in your home and you plan to move, you will need to make special arrangements to transport it. Moving Kings has more than 20 years of militaryhousehold, and commercial moving experience, and in that time, we have unfortunately witnessed damage to very expensive glass or marble pieces. In many cases, even the slightest chip or crack means the piece cannot be repaired and insurance claims may involve many months of fighting before a settlement is reached. To avoid any damage, there are a few key fundamentals to keep in mind to safely move glass or marble.

Turn the Piece on Its Side

The most important rule when moving a large piece of glass or marble is to immediately turn the piece onto its side when you lift it up. If you try to move a glass or marble piece horizontally, the weight of the piece will cause it to crack in half. To evenly distribute the weight, the piece needs to be upright and on an edge when lifted. It is always best to wrap the piece in moving blankets and mirror cartons prior to lifting. Make sure that your dominant hand is supporting the bottom corner while your opposite hand is balancing, guiding, and supporting the end you are carrying. You and your partner should always be supporting opposite sides. Always put a blanket on the ground if you are setting the piece down, and make sure there is a strong supportive wall or fixture to keep the piece standing upright. This distributes the weight properly to avoid breaks or cracks.

Use an A-Frame Dolly

The next important rule is to always move a piece of glass or marble on an A-frame dolly. An A-frame dolly has four wheels and allows for glass or marble pieces to be transported vertically and on an incline, which will keep the weight evenly distributed. The fragile piece can be strapped to the A-frame, and the dolly can be strapped to the truck. It is essentially a smaller version of the frames you may see on the back of a truck going down the highway transporting someone’s granite kitchen island slab. Let your Moving Kings representative know ahead of time if you have a large glass or marble piece in your inventory, and our movers will make sure there is an A-frame dolly is on the truck for your move.


Unless you purchase “Additional Valuation Coverage” through a moving insurance broker or you are covered under a “Relocation Clause” on your Homeowner’s/Renter’s Insurance, you may only be covered for the standard $0.60 per pound valuation coverage. This can come with unfortunate consequences if your piece is handled improperly and damaged; a large glass or marble piece can cost upwards of $1000 to replace and your coverage may only compensate for $150 or less. It may be a good idea to purchase additional insurance when moving a large piece of glass or marble, even if you trust that the piece will be properly wrapped and transported. Over time, the integrity of glass and marble is compromised and the piece becomes brittle, and it will be vulnerable to damage even with the most careful moving techniques.

It is always in your best interest to be upfront with your estimator and let them know that there is a large piece of glass or marble in your home that needs to be moved. Our Moving Kingsprofessionals are fully trained and will come fully equipped to handle this portion of your move. We are happy to talk about everything involved in moving large fragile items. Call us today at 844-561-KING to learn what else you can do to prepare for your upcoming move!

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