How to Move a Gun Safe

Back when our Senior Moving Coordinator was a young man, he recalls moving many gun safes both locally and over long distances. Gun safes generally weigh anywhere between 200 and 800 pounds, but some of the larger safes can weigh more than 1000 pounds! Moving a gun safe is a liability nightmare for any moving company, so it is common practice to add an additional fee and manpower to any job requiring a gun safe to be moved. If not moved properly by trained professionals, mishandling a gun safe could lead to serious injuries or damage to the property and surroundings.

Preparations and Precautions

The first key to moving a gun safe is to strategize a course of action. Your Moving Kings professionals will basically map out the route they will take through your home and to the truck before they ever touch your gun safe. We will make sure the safe is empty of all firearms, valuables, and ammunition, and then we will protect the safe by padding and wrapping the piece with industrial moving blankets. After the safe is padded, our professionals will put down additional protection to the floor, stairs, railings, or walls to ensure that there is no damage to the surroundings while moving the safe.

Moving the Safe

Once these precautions and preparations have been made, your Moving Kings professionals will bring in a handy tool called an “appliance dolly.” The appliance dolly is very similar to the hand truck dolly you will see our moving professionals use to move furniture and boxes, but it is reinforced with steel and built with straps to secure your safe to the dolly. After it is strapped to the appliance dolly and transported to the truck, our movers will load the safe on the truck using the liftgate instead of the ramp for safety precautions.

Ammunition and Firearms

Keep in mind that most moving companies will move your gun safe, but they will not move any ammunition. Some companies may offer to move your firearms if they are properly secured in a locked carrying case and you have all the appropriate documentation, but most companies will not take the liability to move firearms. It is always best practice for you to transport your own firearms and ammunition in your personal vehicle. Be sure to touch base with your lawyer or legal advisor if you are crossing state lines, because gun laws vary from state to state.

When in doubt, always feel free to reach out to your Moving Kings representative for more information about moving a gun safe. Let us know if you need to move a gun safe or if you want to include one in your upcoming move. Our moving professionals at Moving Kings are here to ensure the secure transport of your gun safe. Call us today!

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