Do you need moving insurance?

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From time to time, all of us need to move. And while that can mean a lot of great new things – it’s also a process that requires some major planning. Indeed, this is something you’ll definitely need to approach as seriously as possible. If you don’t, you may be in for a pretty chaotic ordeal. So, start your planning early on. And once you’ll do – there will be more than a few important decisions to make. For example – among others, you will have one important question to answer for yourself; even with the most reliable moving company, do you need moving insurance? Don’t worry though, we’ve got some great advice to consider before you make the final call. 

Why is insurance a thing?

Before we get into precisely why do you need moving insurance, let’s focus on the basics for a moment. For starters – what is insurance, at all? And why is it such a major part of the life of an adult these days? Actually, it’s a pretty simple thing. As you become older and accrue more property, your need for safety increases; both financial and otherwise. With that in mind, you’ll understand why there are insurance policies at all – to lower the financial risks that are an always-present part of our lives.

Yes, planning for the wors may seem like a needlessly pessimistic mindset; but most people end up doing it because it’s simply the smartest way to go. If something bad were to happen to yourself, loved ones or your personal possessions; you’d definitely want to have a financial safety net while you’re tackling this problem. Bearing all of this in mind, we come back to the question of moving insurance. In this aspect, relocating your household is really no different than any other process in life; it bears risks, and insurance is the best way to lessen them. In this particular case – there’s always a risk that your personal property might sustain some damage. And if that happens; you want to be able to file a moving insurance claim to recover some of the lost value.

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From cars to real estate – these days, we have insurance on all kinds of things.

Do you need moving insurance if you have a home insurance policy?

As you’ve realized by now – the question of do you need moving insurance is more than a valid one. Even with professional movers like Moving Kings Van Lines FL, you want to be completely sure that nothing unpredictable will happen. And if it does, you want the risks that come with moving to be as low as possible. But there’s something that you may not have realized – in fact, you might have moving insurance already.

How so? Well, do you possess a home insurance policy? If the answer to that question is ‘yes’, then we recommend you take a closer look at that policy. Why? Well, there are pretty high chances that there’s a provision in there that’s related to moving. So, go through that policy thoroughly. If a clause on moving is already in there, your job is basically done. Naturally, the opposite may be the case; but even so, there’s no reason to worry. Contact the company which provided you with the home insurance policy in the first place; they may have moving-related offers for their clients. 

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Check out your home insurance policy for anything about moving insurance!

Other moving insurance options

So, if you’ve concluded that the answer to ‘do you need moving insurance’ is a resounding ‘yes’ – what’s next? If your home insurance policy doesn’t provide you with moving insurance as well; don’t stress yourself. In fact, you’ve got plenty of options out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving your home or looking for the finest commercial movers Florida has – you’ll still be able to find moving insurance. As we’ve mentioned above; such an insurance policy is great because you don’t have to suffer all of the risks of something being damaged en route. But then another question arises – how do moving insurance providers evaluate your damaged shipment? 

What are the evaluation methods?

Let’s get one thing out of the way first – no, you won’t have to keep the receipts for everything that you’re shipping during your relocation. As you were probably right to think – that would be insane. Indeed, the moving industry has a much simpler way of determining value – but it’s one that you may not be happy about, in many cases. If you were to relocate just one kind of item, knowing the value of the shipment would be easy; anyone could simply multiply the quantity by the value of a single unit. 

But in real life, relocating almost never looks like that. Regardless of whether you’re going through a commercial relocation or a residential one; there’s never just one kind of item to deal with. In actuality, you’re always moving hundreds or even thousands of wildly different things, which vary a lot when it comes to monetary value. And determining the value of each item would not be difficult; it would be nigh impossible. With that in mind, moving insurance providers and moving companies use a much more straightforward method. And that’s judging the value of any shipment by its weight.

Usual types of moving insurance

Up until now, we’ve answered the question of do you need moving insurance, and why it’s important. But in the end, let’s tackle what this kind of insurance looks like in practice. There are many varieties of moving insurance, but they all differ by the amount of liability that moving companies have for your items. Logically, the policies where movers have a greater level of liability for any damages are more useful; but are also more expensive. That’s why you’ll need to think this through carefully before making a call.

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In the end, you’ll have to decide if you need moving insurance, and exactly what kind.

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