Month: June 2019

Things to do in Sunny Isles Beach with kids

Family fun

Taking a vacation with the little ones can be both an epic adventure and a very stressful one. I guess it depends from person to person, and from the age of the kids. But, from my experience, if it wasn’t planned well enough it would always turn into more of a stressful event than a

Hosting a move-in party like a boss

Three women hosting a move-in party and blowing confetti.

After much stress and worries, your relocation is finally over. Congratulations! Your exciting life in a new neighborhood or city is ready to begin. And what a better way to kick things up than by hosting a move-in party, and a fine one for that matter? It will be easy and quite enjoyable – it’s

Should you help your movers?

Moving truck

Like any host should do, you have the need to be involved in your moving project. Often you have the feeling that you are helping, but a great question is, are you? It is ok that you need to help your movers. But sometimes, it is better to clear the way and let them do

How to plan a corporate relocation to Coral Springs?

low angle photo of city high rise buildings during daytime

How to plan a corporate relocation to Coral Springs? Or how to plan any corporate relocation to another city? That is not a simple task. Let us discuss this concept first. Planning a move to a new home is one of the most complex though interesting tasks that you will ever have to deal with.

Storage size guide – choosing the right one

Eleanor P.Storage tips
storage size guide

Choosing the right storage size is not a simple thing to do. You have to visualize the width, length, and depth of storage and imagine all of your belongings in there. Luckily, there is a storage size guide that we will guide you through in order to choose the perfect storage unit for you. Once

Hardest challenges of moving locally

one of the hardest challenges of moving locally is to get used to your new home

Moving is not an easy task, whether you are moving locally or long distance. It requires your time and attention, but once you make the move everything becomes immensely easier. Then you finally get to enjoy your dream house, your perfect backyard or the vicinity of the beach. It certainly does pay off to go

How to remodel a small bathroom?

Improving our land and our home is something that at least a majority of human beings like to do and feel a natural urge to do it. Looking for a place to call home is also one of our primal urges. We need a place where we feel like we belong there and that nothing

Moving to Miami as a single parent: Pros & Cons

Parent with kids sitting on a bench

Being a single parent can be an extremely hard job. At times, it feels like it is a second job. Addition to that, you are missing a pair of hands and a second paycheck. When we add a moving endeavor to the current situation, it seems impossible to go through. But do not worry, many

Make a long distance moving checklist like a pro

a long distance moving checklist

Moving a long distance? Take a deep breath and make a long distance moving checklist like a pro. It will not take long and it will help you stay focused. Furthermore, it will serve you as a compass the moment you start feeling lost in all the things you need to do. Luckily, there are

Adjusting to a new neighborhood with ease

A Birdseye view of a neighborhood

The move is a lengthy process. Starting with planning, packing and the like, it can take weeks. However, once the move is done, there still will be things to do. These will encompass unpacking and deciding what to do with your items and finally settling in. The latter will include anything from decorating your new