Should you help your movers?

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Like any host should do, you have the need to be involved in your moving project. Often you have the feeling that you are helping, but a great question is, are you? It is ok that you need to help your movers. But sometimes, it is better to clear the way and let them do their job. Today we will explain when you should and when you shouldn’t help your movers.

Help your movers by packing on time

Aside from the organization, packing is the main focus of every moving endeavor. It is a tiresome and tedious process, but it is something it must be done. And if done properly, the whole move will be more effective. Here are some pointers on what you can do yourself.

  • Packing materials – Start by gathering all the packing materials needed. There are packing paper, bubble wrap, scissors, packing peanuts. Most importantly, moving boxes Florida. There is no moving project without at least 20 boxes involved.
  • Small appliances – Unplug all the appliances you have. Secure the utility cords and remove the batteries. Check if there are any liquids and empty if there are.
  • Pack your kitchen – Secure all your ceramics and crystal with extra layers of protection. Use old blankets, rags, towels, etc. This way you will prevent the collision.
  • Kitchenware
    Stay on a safe side and pack your fragile items yourself
  • Off the wall – Remove all the paintings, photos, and mirrors off the wall. Clean and wrap them and find a safe spot where they’ll wait for the moving day.
  • Furniture – Disassemble any furniture you can and find a designated spot where people won’t trip over it. Also, roll your rugs and carpets and move them out of the way. This way you’ll prevent slippery situations.
  • Family heirlooms – If there are items that you would like for anyone else to handle, pack and move them yourself. You can set aside several boxes containing highly valuable items, pack them yourself and load your vehicle with it. Those can be family photos, jewelry, or anything else that has monetary or emotional value.

You stand ready

One way to help your movers is to assemble the moving checklist on time. By listing all the steps in your project will deem wise. You won’t forget the essential things you need to cover, and everything will run smoothly. One of the steps on your list is to set aside a moving budget. Also, to spare some extra on the side just to be safe. You never know what may occur that will require you to make a quick run to your local retailer. And also, be sure that you covered all the packing materials, and to have some extra just in case. Then you need to check what tools you might have that will help while on the move. Check around your garage and the attic to see what is available. At the same time, this is a great opportunity to downsize and declutter.

A person writing
Help your movers by organizing everything on time

Lastly, you should contact your licensed movers Florida that you hired and check if everything is in order. Ask them if they are aware of the address you are moving to and if they know how to approach to the unloading area. But be ready with the GPS in your car to assist if anything goes wrong. Furthermore, you can visit your new home a few days earlier and make all the preparation needed. Also, ask your movers if there is anything else you can help with and make them understand that you are ready to help with whatever they need. A great way to help your movers is to prepare everything on time and be ready.

Be sure that your guests are well received

You should consider hiring a professional moving crew for this occasion. It is understandable that you want to do everything yourself. But that will increase the chances of moving mishaps. Therefore, we will recommend you to check movers Wellington FL. One of the high esteemed moving crews. Countless happy customers are behind this professional moving team. Although, since you’ll have a moving crew visiting, you should make sure that they are well received. Be the best host there is. For starters, think about the essentials like if they feel well and comfortable in your home. Keep them well fed and hydrated. You can do this by bringing out some snacks and soda’s, as well as a few sandwiches.

Furthermore, you should think about the physical aspect of things as well. Make sure that the areas around your house are clean and free of obstacles. Fetch a broom and remove all the leaves, pebbles, and puddles. If there is snow, remove it with the shovel and use salt to melt down the ice. Help your movers by protecting their physical and mental state.

Keep your end of the bargain

It is understandable that you might have the feeling that you are in charge and you want to boss around. Of course, your word is respected since you are the one who is paying for the service. But keep in mind that movers know their business the best. Moving is hard labor, and even if you think that some steps can be done better, trust us, movers know the best. They performed hundreds, and even thousands of moves and they are skilled and knowledgeable. You can supervise the whole process but give your movers some space. Be ready to assist at any moment, but do not attempt to lift heavy items on your own. Keep in mind that even if you want to help your movers, some things you do can actually slow down the process.

Help your movers by having a first-aid kit ready
Prepare a homemade first-aid kit, just in case

Movers can be slowed down if they must think about your safety, or if they need to do something twice. The best way you can help while movers are moving through your house and carrying your items is to make sure that the path is clear. Budge the doors and leave them opened. If you have kids and pets, move them out of the way. A path between your cargo and a moving truck should be clear as day so your movers can move faster and more efficient. The sound advice is to let the movers do their job and be ready to assist if needed. This way you’ll avoid the moving stress and lower the chance of being a victim of a moving injury.

Help your movers by moving out of the way

As we mentioned already, do not help your movers where help is unwanted. Especially when loading a moving truck. Movers already have their plan and a routine while loading the moving truck. Movers will utilize the space inside the truck the best way, and load everything safely. Also, keep in mind that movers are getting paid by the hour, so whatever process you are slowing down will cost you more.

These were the basic ways on how you can help your movers. It is entirely up to you if and where you want to help. Keep in mind that you already paid for the full service, and whatever you do is a plus. But at the same time, think about your safety and of the safety of everyone involved. We wish you a safe and successful relocation.

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