How to remodel a small bathroom?

Improving our land and our home is something that at least a majority of human beings like to do and feel a natural urge to do it. Looking for a place to call home is also one of our primal urges. We need a place where we feel like we belong there and that nothing and no one can take it from us. So, sometimes we have to hire a group of professional movers to help us go to that new house or an apartment that we will from now on call home. Sometimes that place is the stuff of dreams, but sometimes, we have to first do some dirty work and reshape it in order for it to become its best possible version. Whether we want to remodel a small bathroom or a living room, we should not rush into things. Organizing something like that requires precision and patience.

So, before you actually remodel a small bathroom…

If you are moving to a new home before you go and hire licensed movers Florida offers, you should first scout the situation in details if you plan on renovating any part of it. This is quite a common thing people do, but it is important not to rush it. There are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration. This is especially so if you are moving. For starters, think about how the move is going to relate with the remodeling. Will the remodeling be over when you move in? Are you only going to remodel a small bathroom, or are you going to remodel several rooms? If not, then you will be forced to adapt to the process and try to override it as you unpack and settle down.

Good planning is key if you want to remodel a small bathroom
Before you start remodeling your bathroom, plan the whole process properly

You have to plan the whole thing properly. Remodeling a small bathroom, though it may sound like a simple and easy task, may not actually be so. When comparing it to renovating a larger one, renovating a smaller bathroom (from 50 square feet downwards), is not actually that much quicker, cheaper or easier. The catch is in the fact that when renovating it, you are dealing with the same elements and the same problems that you would be dealing with when renovating a larger one. You still have to hire the same people to go through with the changes. So, if you are hoping to save some money, don’t get your hopes up, as you may save up to 20-25% at the most. You may save some money by hiring responsible movers such as Coral Springs movers.

Which type of bathroom do you need?

First things first. Sometimes remodeling your bathroom has only aesthetic purposes. When it comes to planning something like this, it is important to know your goals. You have to choose the type of bathroom you want to create. There are three basic types of bathrooms.

rectangular white wooden bathroom cabinet with sink
You must choose which type of bathroom you want

The full bathroom and the guest bathroom

This is the basic, fully equipped bathroom. All the amenities that you can think of are found in it – the toilet, the shower (or the tub), the sink and the vanity. You use this bathroom practically every day. Even your laundry machine may be in it. Due to its functionality, its usability is on the highest possible level. In such homes that have two or more bathrooms, the full bathroom is the one you call the “master bathroom”. The other one, though it has pretty much all the same elements, is usually referred to as the guest bathroom.

The powder room

This type has all the basic things like the sink, the toilet, and the doors.

Who will do the remodeling?

Once you choose which type you need, you can start thinking about who is going to do all the work. Hiring professionals versus doing it by yourself are the two options you have. Both of these have advantages and disadvantages. You need to assess all the factors carefully before you make the decision. Here are the three possible scenarios:

  • Hiring professionals – In case you are in a hurry, hiring someone who really knows how to remodel a small bathroom is the best course of action. Furthermore, if you are not that confident in your own skills, that is another argument for this decision. The matter of budget is, of course, really important here. Hiring professionals is not free.
  • Do it by yourself – If you know how to, you should definitely do it by yourself. That is unless for some reasons, like for the lack of time, you are unable to. Also, if you have two or more bathrooms, and you are not in a hurry, getting a swing at it is definitely a valid option.
  • Compromise – In case your budget is not doing that good, but your skills are not that high, you can make a compromise and still remodel a small bathroom. Offer the pros to do some work such as the demolition and painting by yourself. They should do just the delicate part.
grayscale photography of faucet
For some sensitive elements like electricity or plumbing, it is best to hire a professional

Buying materials to remodel a small bathroom has to be done carefully

Buying proper materials is crucial for the outcome of the remodeling. There are two things to consider here – your budget and the quality that you are looking for. If you do not have to worry about the budget, then you can focus on simply planning how you want to remodel a small bathroom. However, if you have to think about the price, then it is best to ask for some expert advice. If you are hiring someone to do the remodeling, ask them for advice.

An overview of the phases of remodeling

  • The plan – Set your goals clearly.
  • Demolition – There are always things that you have to remove before you remodel.
  • Structural framing work – If you know your way around it, you may be able to do it by yourself.
  • Plumbing – This part of the job should definitely be handled by pros. So, unless you are one, hire someone.
  • Electrical elements – If any electrical parts are going to be meddled with, same things goes as for plumbing – Hire pros.
  • Setting/changing tiles and flooring, and cabinets – If you are an experienced DIYer, you should be able to deal with this efficiently.

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