What to take into consideration when moving to Sunny Isles Beach?


You decided that you have had enough of the cold weather and that it’s time for some warmer climate. Maybe you are looking to retire to Florida or maybe you are just looking for a more exciting place to live. Well, moving to Sunny Isles Beach is a great choice! With its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and cultural diversity, it’s a place that has something for everyone. You will get to experience new things on the almost daily basis. If you are the type of person that loves meeting people and trying new experiences you will love it here.

Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach is located on a barrier island. With the Atlantic Ocean on the east and Intracoastal Waterway on the west, it is surrounded by water. Before the big tourist boom in the 1950’s, it used to be called Motel Row. But since then it has changed dramatically. Now, the whole east side of the city is filled with brand new high rise hotels and resorts. It sounds very exciting and you probably can’t wait to move there. But before you call the movers and relocate to this beautiful Florida city, there are some things you should consider.

palm trees that you will see after moving to Sunny Isles Beach
Palm trees will become your favorite thing!

Real Estate Prices

Being a popular tourist destination, real estate prices in Sunny Isles Beach can get pretty steep. First, you need to decide whether you want to buy or rent there. But no matter what your choice is, condos are probably the best place to start looking when moving to Sunny Isles Beach. If you are looking to buy a condo in Sunny Isles Beach you will probably have to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $250,000. While that might seem a bit high you have to consider the amenities. Most complexes there come with many amenities included, such as outdoor swimming pools, fitness centers, and even on-site marinas. When you consider the quality of life you will have there, it is well worth the price.

Yes, the real estate prices are higher than what you were planning. But they also have a much larger potential. In a tourist hotspot like Sunny Isles Beach, you can expect your property value is only to grow. So if you ever want to move somewhere else in Florida it will be as easy as calling movers Sunny Isles Beach and packing up your stuff. You probably won’t have any problems finding buyers or renters for your condo. And you can make a nice profit doing it.

Sunny Isles Beach is a tourist spot

While Sunny Isles Beach is less chaotic than Miami Beach, it’s still a huge tourist spot. People from all over the world visit it each year. Ever since the population and tourist boom in 1950, the number of tourists has been increasing every year. The whole east side of the city is blooming with high rise hotels and resorts.

If you are moving to Sunny Isles Beach to find peace and quiet, you are out of luck. But if you are the type of person who likes meeting strangers, and enjoys cultural diversity, then Sunny Isles Beach is the perfect place for you. With so many different cultures you will never get tired of trying different kinds of food and experiencing new things. Even though people visit Sunny Isles Beach throughout the year, the most popular period is during the winter. The city population increases dramatically. If you happen to be looking for a short-term job during winter you will have no problems finding it.

You will probably need a car

When moving to Sunny Isles Beach it is important to remember that is is essentially an island. And you can fit only so much on a single island. Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach is filled with shops but they are a bit more expensive and tourist-oriented. Huge parts of the city are oriented towards tourism, which leaves residents in search for services outside the city itself.

Collins Avenue sign with palm trees
Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach is located just 30 minutes drive from downtown Miami. Most working class residents commute to their workplace, usually located in Miami, by car. Even if you are working in the hospitality industry in Sunny Isles Beach you will need a car too. And by owning a car you get access to all the shops and services that can’t afford to operate in a tourist-oriented city. That said, Sunny Isles Beach does provide free shuttle service for both residents and tourists.

Moving to Sunny Isles Beach with children

Moving with your family to Sunny Isles Beach can be very exciting. You children will probably enjoy the sunny weather and beautiful beaches that Florida has to offer. And they will have the chance to grow up influenced by so many different cultures. Education in Sunny Isles Beach is great. Norman S. Edelcup, formerly known as Sunny Island Community School is located in Sunny Isles Beach. It educates children from kindergarten, all the way to 8th grade. Alongside regular education, it offers a variety of advanced programs. There is no high school in Sunny Isles Beach. The nearest one is Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High located around 20 minutes away by car or about an hour by bus.

kid with pencils drwaing
Your children will have great opportunities

Other things to consider

Moving to Sunny Isles Beach is not just about calling Florida movers and relocating. If you are moving from almost anywhere then Florida you will find yourself in a whole different world. While sunny weather looks great on paper it can start to annoy your pretty easily. Especially if you are moving from a state that has harsh winters. It will take you some time to adjust to high temperatures and dry air. But once you do – moving to Sunny Isles Beach will seem like the best decision you have ever made. Sunny Isles Beach has great cultural diversity, with people from all over to American continent moving here. The cultural diversity is one of the strong points of Sunny Isles Beach. So many cultures mixed together with tourists from all over the world makes for an interesting and exciting place to live.

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