What to expect from a moving company?

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Are you preparing for a relocation? Then you’re probably on the verge of hiring a moving company. But how to choose? There are literally thousands out there, and all of them offer similar services? Well, as always – the devil is in the details. While most moving companies offer the same services, what separates the best from the rest is the execution. That’s why you should know how the best movers like Moving Kings Van Lines FL perform their job. Trust us – knowing what to expect from a moving company will go a long way towards helping you choose the best movers for the job!

The movers’ arrival

Okay, so let’s go through your typical moving day, shall we? That way, you’ll know if the movers you’ve hired have performed admirably or not. When you’re hiring last minute movers, sometimes you’re not sure whether they’re good at their job. And if you haven’t moved yet, you’ll know what to expect from a moving company somewhere down the line.

First of all, you should remember one crucial thing – good movers show up on time. If you’re dealing with a professional moving company, you can expect them to be punctual. It’s really something you can expect from any serious business transaction – and a relocation is just that. But before we move on, we want to be clear – there are some situations where movers are reasonably late. We don’t live in a vacuum – there are things out of your, and the movers’ control. But accidents or traffic jams aside, any deviation from the set time and date should be followed by an explanation!

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A good moving company is punctual!

Once the movers arrive, you should see them in a moving truck with clear insignia. Any professional moving company worth their salt will have very clear markings on their moving van. Also, you should expect this truck to be large enough for all of the things that you’re moving.

A good moving company will check their inventory

Okay, you’ve probably listed a moving inventory when you made a deal with the moving company in the first place. However, a serious moving company will do a follow-up walkthrough of your home once they arrive. After all, professionals in any field need to be sure everything is in order before they begin working – and the moving industry is no different.

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Professional movers have a thorough inventory!

So once the movers arrive, they’ll probably ask you to go over everything with them one last time. Someone from the moving crew will take a walk around your home, and make an inventory of items scheduled to be moved. Or if they already have an inventory, they will check an existing one. They will then individually check the condition of all items, and assign a number on the inventory list to each one.

Around this time, it might be a good idea to give out all the special instructions to the movers, if you have any. We’re talking about what stuff is especially breakable and requires special care. Or, for example, what items are extremely valuable – that type of stuff. It’s important for the movers to have this information. Also, point out any items that you won’t be taking with you, or any that you want to transport on your own. The movers will then know to ignore those.

Professional movers

As you might have gathered by now, a serious moving company doesn’t do things on a whim. For a professional moving company providing Florida moving services, moving day is really a formality. They’ve got all the kinks worked out in advance, and they know how moving day will go beforehand. That’s because professionals have experience. Once moving day comes, you’ll know if you’re dealing with professional movers basically in the first five minutes. Really, it doesn’t take much to see who the pros are, once they start working. Good movers don’t kid around – they’re efficient, and know all the moves like clockwork.

Also, a good moving company will stand out by how seriously their movers take the job. For example, professional movers won’t just start loading their truck with your items right away. Instead, they will survey your home and take all the necessary measures to ensure nothing goes wrong. And they will do it with the right equipment. They will use stuff like carpet protectors and moving blankets, to ensure there’s no property damage while the moving is done. After all, moving is literally that – moving all of your things around, including heavy furniture and other tricky items. If movers are not careful, something could break, or do harm to the house itself. But professionals avoid this easily by taking all important precautions.

Loading your things into the moving van

Once all they’ve put the finishing touches on preparations, the movers will finally begin loading your items on their truck. These are the last stages of your moving plan. And good movers will do this carefully, as to not damage the items. But also, they will do it safely, to prevent any injuries. Don’t worry – professionals won’t need much help with this. Experienced movers know just how to position your things right in the space of their vehicle. And more importantly, how to secure them so they don’t move around. You don’t want your things shifting around in the van – this will increase the risk of something being damaged during the drive.

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Veteran movers take all security and safety precautions!

We’re telling you this because we don’t want you to get unnerved at seeing the moving van absolutely packed wall to wall. This is actually a good thing – the movers are preventing any wobbling and saving space at the same time. Good movers will pack your items tightly, and use other additional equipment to keep them steady. So expect to see some locks, plastic straps, special clamps etc. Professionals utilize all of this to maximum effect and unload your things on the destination without so much as a scratch.

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