What to consider before signing a storage rental agreement

At some point of your moving you might require storing services. Whether it is before the move or after, renting a storage unit has many benefits. Simply knowing that your items are safely stored and guarded is enough to make you sleep peacefully at night. Not to mention the fact that sometimes you need to store your items somewhere because your new house is not ready yet. In order not to make moving to Miami more stressful than it needs to be, we have excellent tips on storing units. Signing a storage rental agreement is a serious thing that requires some previous thought.
signing a storage rental agreement is very important. entrance to the storage unit
Before signing a storage rental agreement make sure to choose the perfect storage unit.

Choose the best storage before you sign a storage rental agreement

Just like you want to hire the best moving company for packing services, renting a reliable storage facility is a process. First of all, ask yourself if the people around you used storage services lately. Ask them if they were satisfied with the unit they were storing their items in. Recommendations are the best way to be on the safe side when it comes to renting these units. If you have the time, go online and search the web. Truthfully, reviews and ratings are the second best thing after recommendations from people you know. Just watch out for the fake online reviews which can be easily spotted as they are praising the company a bit too much. And finally, compare the conditions that storage facilities are offering, narrow the choice down to 3 and then pay a visit to them.

Find the perfect storage unit size

Before signing a storage rental agreement, make sure that you have chosen the right storage unit for you. This includes the perfect storage unit size. If you rent a storage unit that is too large, you will end up paying a lot more for the unit without any real need. On the other hand, if your storage unit is too small, it would be really hard for you to find what you need, and really easy to damage some of your items. So, although there are many advantages of short-term storage units, you would not be happy. This is why you should count the number or boxes you plan to store and consult with the workers at storage facility.

Decide what type of storage unit you need

Storing items is very convenient, but in order to prevent damage to your items you need the choose the best type of storage unit. The first question to answer is whether you will need a short-term or long-term storage unit. Then, think about whether your items require special conditions. For your furniture and delicate items, it is best to choose climate-controlled storage unit. In this way, you will get your items back in the same condition you left them. If your items will not change over time in a regular unit, go for it. Just make sure to specify exactly what kind of service you require before you sign a storage rental agreement.
prohibition sign for dogs
Pets and plants are among the prohibited items in storage units.

Prohibited items

There is a difference between storing items that do require special conditions, and the ones that storage facilities prohibit from storing. Here is a brief list to remind you that even though they are a perfect solution, there are things you cannot keep in your storage unit:
  • Pets and plants – Or any life organisms
  • Flammable items – Hair sprays, aerosols, fireworks, guns, etc.
  • Medicine

Visit the storage before renting it

In order to prevent any fraud or suspicious behavior, before you sign anything is important to check out the storage unit before renting it. When you arrive, ask the staff to show you the unit. And then, make sure that you will be storing your belongings in the same storage unit that you saw. Sometimes, they just show you a storage unit that is clean, and has no damage whatsoever, but store your items in another, not that good-looking unit. If you want to prevent it, specify that you want this exact unit to be yours. Then it will be easy for you to properly pack your things for storage and remain carefree.

Read the storage rental agreement carefully

Once you choose the right storage unit, focus on the rental agreement. You should demand to have everything that was promised to you on paper. Go through every section of the agreement carefully, and if you do not understand some point, ask for clarification. Especially focus on the payment section. See if there are some additional fees that you should pay. If you have insurance provided by the renting company, read every statement connected to it. If they do not offer the insurance policy, do not forget to buy it, as it will make your moving a lot less stressful. Getting the right insurance coverage is something that is really worth every penny. Finally, storage rental agreement should contain absolutely everything that you discussed with the staff.

a contract and a pen
Go through every section carefully and make sure that you get everything in writing.

What should your storage rental agreement contain

As we already mentioned, your storage rental agreement should have everything that you discussed about in writing. But if some of these things are missing it can be a sign for alert.

  • Dates and contact information – These are essential, as they should specify the exact dates for your rent as well as the contact information in case of emergency.
  • Price – If there are any discounts, include them. The same goes for additional fees.
  • Visiting hours – It should specify when can you visit your storage units, as well as the working hours, meaning when the staff will be there.
  • What happens if you do not pay – They have the right to sell your items at an auction if you do not pay on time, so make sure to find out what is the procedure.

Signing a storage rental agreement is very important and also very useful. Keep the agreement among your other important documents, and refer to it in case of any doubt. Good luck!

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