Top neighborhoods for families in Davie FL

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If you are looking to move to Davie, FL with a family you need to know everything you can. Just moving your family somewhere you don’t know is never a smart idea. Researching properly is key if you wish to avoid any post-move depression. Luckily for you, we have compiled a report on the top neighborhoods for families in Davie FL. We’ve looked at all the factors a community needs to have in order to be family friendly and easy to settle in. The schools available, crime rate and prices of the homes is something that greatly influences whether or not you will choose a particular neighborhood. Luckily for you, Davie has some great neighborhoods for you to pick from when looking for movers Davie FL, that will make your family life a breeze.

Unlike some towns, Davie doesn’t strictly white or blue collar. Instead, Davie has a healthy mixture of both white and blue collar occupations available. With sales and office workers dominating the market, this makes much more sense than otherwise and it is the key if you are looking into family living in Davie FL. The number of people working in sales comes up around 14.17% while office and administrative support workers make 13.65% of the employed population. Let’s dive into the top neighborhoods for families in Davie FL. We came up with these three neighborhoods based on these factors:

  • Cost of living – key while looking at top neighborhoods for families in Davie FL.
  • Crime rates
  • School availability and quality
  • Sights to see


Shenandoah is one of the top neighborhoods in Davie. With a diverse population, it really offers something different. It is also an area covered by Moving Kings Van Lines FL. This community has a bunch of activities for residents to discover. If you are looking for the best areas for families in Davie FL,  Shenandoah is a great option. One of the best things about it is a luxurious clubhouse. The people who live in Shenandoah are mainly single home families. With the average home size from 2-5 bedrooms, this neighborhood really stands out as a family-oriented one. If you are looking to buy a house in this part of Davie; the average home goes from $290,000 to $676,000 with the median sale price being $368,000. Stats like these can greatly impact your decision when asking where to live with your family in Davie FL.

In terms of education, Shenandoah currently has two schools that really stand out in its quality. The Flamingo elementary school and Indian Ridge middle school have 661 and 1811 students respectfully. If you are moving with children, this is something that will play a huge part in making the final decision. One of the main things that might help you choose Shenandoah as your next home is the famous Shenandoah Park. Although not great in size, it’s the main place to take your children out to play. Located on SW14th St, it’s a great place for bird watchers, and you can also see some small animals and snakes. It really is one of the best neighborhoods for families in Davie FL.

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Your children’s future can be greatly influenced by the neighborhood you chose. Make sure you go for the best choice available.

Davie Town Center

One of the most important things in regards to a particular neighborhood is the way it feels to you. Once you walk or drive around it, the way buildings look and setting; even it’s flavor can play a huge part in making your decision. You are in luck since Davie Town Center is one of those places. It really has great things and it feels amazing for family living in Davie FL. No matter if you have a small or big family, DTC is worth mentioning. One of the most interesting things about this neighborhood is that it has more Cuban and Romanian ancestry people living in it than nearly any neighborhood in America? It’s really interesting that 15.1% of this neighborhood’s residents have Cuban ancestry and 2.2% have Romanian ancestry.

One of the most important things to mention is that Davie Town Center has a higher income than 40.7% of the neighborhoods in America. Any list of best areas for families in Davie FL has to have Davie Town Center in it. If you are moving here with your family, it might mean something to you that this neighborhood has a higher rate of childhood poverty than 65.8% of U.S. neighborhoods. How long it takes to commute in a particular neighborhood is a key factor when considering it as well. Residents of this part spend between 15 and 30 minutes commuting one-way to work, which is a lot less time than most Americans spend getting to work.

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Carefully planning before you choose one of the top neighborhoods for families in Davie FL is key.

SW 135TH TER / SW 30TH CT – number 1 among top neighborhoods for families in Davie FL

If you are looking to live in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country, you came to the right place. If you look into the stats, only 1.1% of America’s neighborhoods are wealthier than the SW 135th Ter / SW 30th Ct neighborhood. As you might imagine, real estate here is really booming and the properties tend to maintain their value over time. If you look around here, you can only see luxury brands like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Lexus. People here mainly look over public schools and send their children to private ones. Talk about top neighborhoods for families in Davie FL, huh? If you live here and want to send your children on a vacation to Disney, you can definitely afford it.

One of the main reasons why we recommend this neighborhood to families is because it is probably the best one in Florida. In fact, this neighborhood is more family-friendly than 98.9% of neighborhoods in the entire state of Florida. It’s one of the best neighborhoods for families in Davie FL. The main reason why are the low crime rates and a variety of great public and private schools. Since most parents here are college-educated most children achieve great academic success. And above all that – finding a job will be simple and easy. To conclude, you really can’t find anything lacking if you want to move with your family here. It’s one of the top areas to live as a family in Davie FL.

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Everyone wants to live in a successful, luxurious neighborhood. If you can afford it, it’s always a good choice.

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