Tips for moving heavy weight items

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When someone mentions moving, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? That’s right – packing and carrying stuff out. And that’s something you’re probably capable of doing yourself, but only up to a point. What do we mean by that? Well, it’s all right when you’re packing your clothes, magazines, and books. But sooner or later, you’re bound to hit a snaglike moving that big couch from the living room. Or for example, your giant wardrobe. Now it’s not just the simple matter of lifting something – you actually need technique. Don’t worry though – Moving Kings Van Lines FL is here to help you learn everything you need to know about moving heavy weight items.

Think about hiring someone to help

Before we delve into the details of heavy lifting, we’d be remiss not mentioning something else first. Basically, lifting anything heavy is no small feat, and it’s important to do it correctly. If you don’t have experience in carrying heavy objects – we recommend you hire someone to help you out. And we’re not just talking about avoiding the chore either – lifting can be dangerous, and it’s quite easy to get an injury. That’s why we think it’s safer to hire local movers in Florida to help you out, rather than needlessly risking an injury.

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While there are some items you can lift on your own – don’t overdo it!

The basics of moving heavy weight items

On the other hand, if you do decide to handle this on your own – it’s important that you have all the information. Moving heavy weight items requires a certain degree of experience in order to do correctly and safely. As with most things when it comes to moving – it’s crucial that you prepare in advance!

Tips for preparations

One of the most important moving tips you’ll want to keep in mind is – don’t rush anything. Moving heavy weight items safely means moving them slowly. Why? Because moving around heavy things quickly means risking serious injury, and possibly damaging the thing you’re carrying. But obviously, the injuries are the biggest risk. More specifically, it’s really easy to hurt your back if you’re not careful. That’s why you’ll want to make all the prerequisite preparations before lifting anything. For example, keep in mind to:

  • Clear the paths first – Before you start moving heavy weight objects, you definitely need to make sure your path is clear. So think about where you’ll be moving once you lift the object, and get rid of any clutter that might get in your way. Imagine carrying a gigantic couch and slipping on a stray Lego piece on the floor – that would be a disaster!
  • Protect your feet – This may seem silly, but when you’re preparing to move around your heavy items; it’s really important to have the proper footwear on. Trust us on this – you really don’t want to wear something that exposes your feet, or something uncomfortable. And we don’t even need to mention how important it is to wear something that’s not slippery.
  • Organize people to help – Even if you’re not hiring movers to carry this heavy stuff around, definitely don’t try it on your own. Call up some friends or family members, so they can help you with this. And besides, anything bulkier than a chair is basically impossible to lift on your own, so you’re bound to need help.

Plan out how you’re going to move everything

As we’ve said – it’s important to prepare before lifting anything even remotely heavy. Take a good hard look at the item you’re moving, and try to make a realistic assessment. Can it fit through all the doorways? Can you get it down the stairs? How are you going to do it? Is the pathway clear? These are all the questions you’ll need to ask yourself. And most importantly – don’t overestimate your strength. Just think about all of your buddies who’ve thrown out their back because they thought they could lift something extremely heavy on their own! Your goal here isn’t to show off your strengthit’s to get the job done. Once more – this is one of the reasons to hire professional movers. Don’t risk your health when you don’t need to!

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You should plan out how you’ll go about moving heavy weight items!

Keep your feet firmly on the ground

When you’re moving heavy weight items, it’s really important to maintain your base. This will help you bear most of the load much easier, and it’ll lessen the risk of slipping and falling. So how do you do this? Well, this isn’t a difficult stance to remember. Just keep your feet at about the width of your shoulders, and stand firmly. This will help distribute the weight you’re carrying, so all the pressure isn’t just in your arms.

Your back should be straight

We’ve mentioned how back injuries are the most common occurrences when people lift heavy objects. Think about it – you’re bound to know at least one person who’s injured their back this way. That’s why your back posture is extremely important when lifting anything. So keep your back straight at all times, and while you’re lifting, try not to tilt your head and neck. Instead, look forward and don’t make sudden moves with your upper body.

A drawing of a man with back pain, representing injuries from moving heavy weight items.
Be careful if you want to avoid back injuries!

A firm grip is crucial

Before you start moving heavy weight objects around, make sure you can safely get a good grip on them. And if you’re moving old wooden furniture, we definitely recommend wearing gloves to protect your hands. Sure, the worst you can get is a bit of a splinter injury – but when you’re lifting something heavy, that’s all it takes to lose your grip. So, in short – protecting your hands means protecting yourself from any further injuries.

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