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As everyone probably already knows – moving is quite tough on a person. There are just way too many things to do. You need to pack up all your stuff, deal with packing materials and paperwork, find reliable Pembroke Pines movers and finally move and settle into your new home. This is especially hard on someone older than your average person. This is why you, as their child, would offer to help. However, there are still things that you need to know when moving an elderly parent. In this article, we take a look at what this process looks like. We also talk about some of the most important things you need to remember to make the move easy and enjoyable for them.

Talk to your parents about the moving process

One of the biggest problems people face when moving an elderly parent is when exactly to have the conversation about the move – and what to talk about. There are many reasons for your move, but usually, you will want them to move for safety and health reasons. As we grow, it can be tough to admit our parents are not as healthy as they used to be to ourselves – let alone address it with them. Then, talking to them about leaving the house they have been living in for a while can be stressful too. And thus, many people avoid and postpone talking about this until they are running out of time.

elder people walking around - moving an elderly parent doesn't need to be hard
Consider how mobile and able your parents are.

There is something called the Activities of Daily Living (or ADLs), though, which can help you. These are a great reference point when thinking about whether or not your parents should be moving. They were created by Dr. Sidney Katz, and are of great help when finding the future home for the elderly.

The ADLs consist of six daily functions that you need to complete for an independent daily life:

  • getting out of bed;
  • getting dressed;
  • eating;
  • having the control of when you will use the restroom;
  • using the restroom and
  • bathing.

The scoring process is simple. If your parent cannot complete the task, then you score a zero. Conversely, if they are able to perform it, they get a one. The higher the number out of six, the more independent your parent is. However, lower numbers point to the dire need of moving an elderly parent to live with you or to an institution for the care of the elderly. Of course, these are not the final verdict and the choice to move your parents falls down to your own decision. They are just a great way to point you in the right direction and the thought process.

child and parent talking
Talking to parents can sometimes be a daunting task.

Once you make a decision, approach your parent carefully but thoughtfully. Make sure that they know you want to understand how they feel, but also be open when talking about your worries. Sometimes, parents will try to hide their feelings from their children. However, it is your job to be strong for both of you and fight through this process. They should understand that you will find the best moving services Florida and be there for them through the whole process. The most important thing is for them not to feel alone!

Think about the location when moving an elderly parent

One of the biggest things you need to figure out when moving an elderly parent is where exactly you will move them into. Again, ADLs can be of great help here. Based on the score, you might want to consider different housing options for the elderly.

  • First, we have nursing homes. There, your parent will have constant care that will help them complete their basic functions of daily life. Usually, this will be either bathing, using the restroom or getting dressed in the mornings. This is the options you will pick when your parent needs 24-hour care which you cannot give them.
  • Secondly, there are many retirement communities all over the country. These are a great place for a relaxed way of living. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are moving an elderly parent to Florida for their home. In recent years, the state has gained quite a huge amount of population over 65 years because of its great communities. Nowadays, retiring in Orlando, FL – for example – is a great opportunity to meet people similar to your parents. There are also amenities like grocery stores as well as exercise facilities and entertainment outlets!
  • Then, there are assisted living centers. Here, the elderly can do their own ADLs, but will still get some assistance. This is usually in the shape of having a cooked meal with a full schedule of activities for them. Similarly, you can take your parents to live with you. This way, you can provide for them and monitor their health and your parents will be with family. Just make sure that you are also comfortable with it – it should not turn into a burden because it can cause you a lot of stress.
an elderly couple on a swing
Many facilities and communities have amazing activities for the elderly.

Dealing with the details of moving an elderly parent

So once you know you need to talk to your parent about moving, and where you think they should go, it’s time to talk to them. Remember all the tips we already discussed about talking to your parent. You should now be able to offer them places that can interest them. Now, all you need is their agreement. Afterward, you can talk about moving an elderly parent into details, looking at all parts of the move with them. This way, you will move them with no stress – and they will be happy in their new surroundings.

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