Prepare your motorcycle for relocation like a pro

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Moving preparations represent one of the longlasting phases in your moving procedure. This is the phase that is going to start exactly when you decide that you are going to move. Even though you may not be aware of the fact where you would be moving to, you’ll be preparing for it. Obviously, the success of your move is something that is going to depend on the quality of your moving preparations. There’s going to be a large number of different types of things that will require your attention and moving preparations. Starting from your furniture, through the public administration and schools all the way to preparing your vehicles for relocation. We have decided to share some of our thoughts on how to prepare your motorcycle for relocation. After all, motorcycles are very peculiar items. More often than not, the favorite ones as well. Show them some love when moving.

Prepare your motorcycle for relocation by cleaning it
You should clean your motorcycle before the relocation

What to pay attention to when you need to prepare your motorcycle for relocation

First thing’s first. Let’s take a general overview of what you need to pay attention to when you need to prepare your motorcycle for relocation. Then, after we have enabled you to get a picture of what you need to bear in mind, we will dig more into details.

The most important aspects that you need to take care of when you need to prepare your motorcycle for relocation:

  • Clean the motorcycle
  • Empty gas tank
  • Securely fasten it onto the trailer on a moving day
  • If you can, ride it yourself

West Palm Beach movers are just some of the moving companies that are going to require you to take care of the first three bullets written above. Obviously, in the case that you should decide to ride your bike to your new home, you will have no needs to comply with the requirements of a moving company.

Clean the motorcycle

The first activity on our list is making sure that your motorcycle is clean. We know that cleaning a motorcycle is a drag. However, in the case that you are really looking to prepare your motorcycle for relocation like a pro, you are going to take your time and get down to business.

Given the fact that you are probably going to be taking care of a household move Florida, you are going to be lacking time for a lot of stuff. Therefore, it is important to tackle the issue of a motorcycle moving preparation as soon as possible. The best timing to do this is exactly when you realize that you will not have enough time for riding it. So, once that day comes, dedicate some time to cleaning your beloved two-wheeler.

Empty gas tank

In the case that you will be hiring a moving company to help you relocate your motorcycle, you are going to need to empty your gas tank. This is something that all long distance movers Florida require.

Gas station
Empty gas before the movers arrive

While this may sound unreasonable to you, it is very important to do it. Gas is a flammable liquid. Should it spill, lives could be in danger. Therefore, the moving companies require all motorcycles owners empty the gas tanks before the journey commences.

There are two ways that you could do this. Firstly, you may drain the bike manually. This is a good idea but is somewhat dull. Isn’t it better to ride the bike and consume the leftover fuel? After all, you would be having a good time while doing your best to prepare your motorcycle for relocation.

Securely fasten the bike onto the trailed on a moving day in order to prepare your motorcycle for relocation

One of the most dangerous circumstances in which your bike can be in is transportation. But not any kind of transportation. In fact, it is much safer, for the bike, to ride it than to have it transported.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that it is very tightly and securely strapped. There are different ways that you can place the bike onto the trailer. The position is going to depend on how large a bike you have. Also, the size and the shape of the trailer are going to play a role in it.

So, once the moving day comes, you need to make sure that you are hiring the best interstate movers Florida has to offer. Only with such moving professionals will you be certain that your bike will survive the move intact.

Ride the bike to your destination

The last suggestion that we are going to share with you today is to ride the bike yourself to your new home. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? After all, unless you are moving in the winter time, riding your bike should always be an option. 

Image of a road
It must be tempting to ride your bike to your new home

In this case, you will not have too much work to do when in regards to bike preparations. On the other hand, your mechanic will. Even if your bike seems in perfect condition, it is a good idea to take to the mechanic for the checkup. You should do this about a month before your departure date. After all, you will want to have enough time for the mechanic to fix whatever might need fixing. 


In order to successfully prepare your motorcycle for relocation, you need to approach your moving preparation with an open mind. Know that there are going to be stuff that will need to be taken care of. Follow the pieces of advice that we have given you and you should be fine.

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