Moving in winter – how to avoid troubles?

A man walking towards a wooden bridge, in a snowy forest.

Are you thinking of relocating? Let’s be realistic – picking the right time to do this is never easy; but have you thought about moving in winter? There are plenty of reasons to do this if you plan everything correctly and choose a great moving company like Moving Kings Van Lines FL. Of course, that kind of relocation is a completely different beast than a breezy spring or summer move. Which is exactly why we’ve decided to help you out with that! We’ve got some excellent tips for you right here, so read on and enjoy!

Starting with the right plan is important

Okay, you’ve probably already seen this – but planning a relocation in advance is really important. It’s one of the most complicated things you can go through in your personal life; everything is connected. Once you change the place where you live, you’re probably changing your workplace, as well as the places you visit in your free time. And if you’re relocating with your family – there are other things, like your children’s school, to think about. It’s safe to say – this is something that’s pretty complicated, even if you don’t do it in the winter.

But once you add winter to the equation – thorough planning goes from a good idea to an absolute necessity. Trust us; there’s nothing worse than a badly planned relocation in the coldest months of the year. That’s something even the best interstate Florida movers won’t be able to help you with. So, if you want to avoid the stress that comes with a chaotic relocation; just start working on your plan for moving in winter on time. If you take every eventuality into account, there’s really nothing much to fear.

A highway in the winter, clear of snow, representing moving in winter.
When moving in winter, plan everything out – you may face delays if the roads aren’t clear!

Keep your eye on the weather

While there are many obvious difficulties that come with doing something like relocating when it’s the coldest outside; the weather is even more impactful than you think. Just remember – depending on where you live, and where you’re moving to; the weather outside can seriously hamper your relocation. Sure, if you’re moving to Boynton Beach or somewhere that’s probably not going to be snowed in, you won’t have to pay much attention to this. But just keep that in mind – in some locations, you can expect serious delays when it starts snowing.

So, what can you do to combat this? Well, obviously – you can’t do much against bad weather. That’s pretty much out of your hands. But what you can do is something else – constantly be ready to adapt. And that means constantly checking the weather and the forecasts. Remember; these are notoriously changeable, and weather predictions aren’t necessarily an exact science even today. So, just prepare for possible delays on time, and everything will be fine. In fact, make your schedule as adaptable as possible, and you shouldn’t have any trouble.

A snowed in truck moving across an icy road.
Remember – winter weather can hamper even the best of movers!

Be in contact with your movers while moving in winter

We’ve already mentioned how important the proper preparations are when you’re moving in winter. And while that’s true, if you haven’t moved around often; you may not always know what to do. That’s why picking the right moving company is incredibly important in this situation. Sure, having the right movers is something that’s preferable in any situation. But when you plan on relocating during the winter months – trust us, you only want the most professional company on the job. So while choosing a moving company – definitely see how much experience they have. You want someone who’s done many winter relocations, and knows all the nooks and crannies of such an operation.

And bear in mind – just hiring the right company isn’t enough. You also need to be constantly in touch with them while this relocation approaches. Check to see if the schedule you’ve all agreed on is still in place, and nothing has changed. Especially if they’re facing delays themselves – you constantly want to be in the loop. Also, you may find yourself needing more services than you’ve bargained for in the beginning; especially in the winter. So, if you realize that you need to pick public storage or have other moving needs – let your movers know on time.

Make all the preparations for moving day

During a winter relocation, you may face some difficulties that don’t arise in the warmer months; you’ve gathered as much yourself, by now. And also – some of the things that are minor chores in other situations; those can become major issues when moving in winter. For example – make sure you clean the sidewalk near both your old home and the new one once you arrive. Sure, this might seem like a household chore to complete after moving in – but it’s actually really important. Imagine carrying your heaviest couch outside while everything is slippery and frozen because of winter weather.

Indeed, you don’t want any of your movers hurting themselves in the process, or even yourself. So clear the ice of your driveway and remove as much of the snow as you can, just before moving day comes around. And not only will this solve many of the potential hazards outside your home, but it will make the relocation much faster as well.

A driveway to a house, covered in snow.
If you don’t clear your driveway, the move will be slower – and more dangerous!


If you decide that moving in winter is what you want – you’ll probably be able to find some cheaper options than in the summertime. But as you can see; more thorough preparations are something that awaits you. However, if you approach this task with the right mindset, and keep a level head; there’s really no issue you won’t be able to surpass.

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