How to pack and move large area rugs

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When going through a move, there are a lot of things to take care of. Your entire life is about to be changed from its root upwards. If this is your first move ever, then you are in for quite a ride. For a lot of people moving from your home to a new one is one of the most stressful event in their lives. There is simply so much happening around you that it would basically feel weird if you did not actually feel anything at all. From chasing after a reliable Florida moving company to doing everything you can to reduce the moving costs, it is hard to stay focused. It is even harder to pay attention to each specific detail as to how hard can it be to pack and move large area rugs? Moving a rug is one of those things that look simple on the surface.

However, the truth is not that simple. Whether you are looking for good military moving companies, or you are moving by yourself for a new job, there is never a bad time to hit pause and stop for a minute to assess the job at hand. When it comes to packing things like clothes or shoes, for instance, things may also seem easy. The truth is quite the opposite actually. Pretty much every type of item requires you pay special care and pack it in its own, particular way. Rugs, no matter the size, are no different. There’s the right way to pack them. There’s the bad way to pack them. And there is that middle road that could go either way. We have thus prepared a guide for you to learn how to properly pack and move large area rugs.

Consider hiring professional movers to help you pack and move large area rugs

Hiring professionals to help you out is always a great idea. When it comes to moving if you belong into the group of average men and women, then you probably have little to no experience with packing and moving in general. That is why professional help is always welcome. Some people tend to underestimate the importance of moving companies, but they are most definitely wrong. Movers are there for a reason. They have faced many different moving scenarios and they know the cure for any obstacle.

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Hiring professionals is always a great idea

Many moving companies can offer you different services as they know what you need. So, consider hiring a company that provides the best packing services Florida movers have to offer. They can assist you, or simply completely overtake the task and do it by themselves. This could save you a lot of personal trouble potentially. If you can afford it, it is always best that you hire professionals to do the job. 

So, what is the first step?

If you are to stay organized during the move, then preparation is the key. That is true for the move as a whole, but also for its every segment. Rarely a plan that has not been fully developed can unfold the way that we want it to. In order to prepare and move large area rugs as well as any other type, you will need to obtain the necessary equipment first. To pack the rug you will need large portions of durable paper (brown or Kraft), pieces of string or rope (you will need two of them for each rug), as well as packing tape.

Next, clean it up

The next thing that you need to do here is to clean the rug. When moving to a new home, you are about to have a fresh restart of your life. That is why you should make sure that your new place starts off as clean as possible. So, take that vacuum and get ready. Vacuum the rug to the best of your abilities to remove any dust or crumbs that may have stayed there. Doing this won’t just make you feel good psychologically, but is also a healthy move. You do not want pests in your new apartment? You can do this in an even more dedicated way – Before you move large area rugs leave them on the sun for at least a couple of hours before you are about to pack it. If there is a rug in really poor shape, take it to the cleaners?

Before you pack and move large area rugs, vacuum them
Do not skip vacuuming!

The direction of the nap is important

Every rug has its own nap pattern and should be generally pointed in a particular direction. So, before you start packing the rug, you should learn what direction should the nap be pointed at. You can do this by simply rubbing its surface. It should be quite easy to notice in which direction there is resistance.

Now to pack, wrap and move your large area rugs

You should turn the rug upside down before doing anything else. Why? Well, it is likely that at least the majority of your rugs, if not all of them are stiff-backed. So, if you do turn the rug upside down, you will pack in such a way that it puts a lot of pressure on its backing. This may permanently damage your rugs by stretching and cracking them. Now, you can start rolling it. You should roll it against the nap. Do it slowly so you can be sure that each side is properly rolled up.

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Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, but packing them is mostly the same

Once you do this, it is time to tie the rugs. So, take now two pieces of string or rope and, on each of the ends of each of the rugs, secure the rolled up rug carefully. Make sure that the knot is not going anywhere as it is supposed to keep the rug this way for who knows how long. Remember not to use the packing tape over the surface of the rug, so you do not damage it. It is time to wrap things up now. Do not do this with plastic. It won’t allow your rugs to breath during the move which means that moist and mold may appear. Roll it instead in sheets of Kraft paper and then use tape to finish the job.

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