How to help kids make new friends after the move

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When we are on the topic of relocation, we might think that packing and organizing is the hardest part. But there is something even harder and more delicate. And that is the effect that the move will have on your child. And depending on the age of your kid, it can be even more complicated. You need to help kids make new friends after the move and introduce them to the new community. Therefore, today we will help you with that by providing a few essential tips and tricks that you’ll find useful.

Communicate with your child

When you realize you will make this big change, organize a family meeting. Inform everyone about the big change, and afterward, talk to your child one on one. Try to explain as calmly as possible, what this change means. Regardless of the situation, you should elevate the positive aspects of the move and keep the whole event interesting and promising. Furthermore, you should listen to your kid and be there to answer any questions they have. Kinds can get easily confused, especially when amidst such a great change that relocation is.

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Make it all easier by communicating with your little ones

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Think about their feelings

Think about how your child feels. You won’t fix everything by having one talk and then moving on. This is a constant reminder for each parent out there. Observe your child’s behavior and since you know them the best, figure out what would lift their spirit. If you realize your kid is under the weather, start a conversation. Remind them of the positive sides of the situation and listen to what their concerns might be. This conversation will help you both. It will help you bonding and your kid will feel you and your love you feel for them. It is hard to move with kids, and unlike adults, they need more time to understand the reality of things.

Help kids make new friends after the move by introducing them to the new environment

You probably promised your child that you’ll visit a few new places together and get to know the neighborhood. This is a moment to keep that promise. Go out for a drive around the place. Take your kid on an adventure and make a field trip out of it. For example, check out the local diners and find your new favorite fast food. Or maybe to visit a mall and while there, buy a new toy. It will help your kid to forget about the big change for a second. Furthermore, you can visit the local playground, which is a good way to help kids make new friends after the move.

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Introduce your child to the new school and meet new classmates

Also, if you already chose the new school for your child, you should visit. Introduce them to new teachers and spend some time on the playground with the other kids. This is a great way for your child to get to know your new neighborhood. And to make a few friends in the process.

Help kids make new friends after the move by keeping their hobbies alive

You should pay special attention to your kid’s needs. You found the new school and checked out the places where your child can have fun. Although, if your kid is into sports or some sort of unique activity, you should check out in advance if it is available in your new community. Find out where is the nearest sports center and inform yourself of the choice you have. Your child should be able to keep the hobbies alive. Even more, if it is a group activity since your kid will be surrounded by the kids of the same age. This will make a lot easier to make new friends.

Do not forget where you came from

You will keep your friends close to heart, and probably give them a call and visit from time to time. But you should give your kid the opportunity to do the same. This depends on the age of your child, and there are a few solutions. If your kid desires to visit or to have friends come over, you should work out the logistics. This will make everything much easier for them if they see a familiar face from time to time. They can share the new experience together and make new friends while keeping the old ones as well.

help kids make new friends after the move
Make new friends, but do not forget the old ones

You can even have your kid’s friend to participate in the move. This is especially good if your kid is in puberty. To have a friend help pack and load the truck means that they share this event together. And it can even create some funny and positive memories.

Be patient, it will take time to adapt

Usually, it takes more than a month to adapt to everything and settle in. Moving anxiety is a serious business, and you should be patient and give your child some space. Every individual has a unique way to come with moving stress and anxiety. But for a more serious approach, you can visit a school psychiatrist to get advice that can help. Go online and read about it, since this won’t be easy for you as a parent as well. Find out the best post move relaxation and coping tactics and apply what suits you best.

You should get as much help you can get. And that is why while moving, a moving company is a great tool. Check out the interstate movers Florida, a team of movers that provides all sorts of moving services. They can pack, unpack, and move you in no time. And all that extremely safely and professionally. Be sure to utilize their services.

This is a few basic things you can do to help kids make new friends after the move. It won’t be easy for sure, and it can be stressing at times. But if you are patient and loving, you will find a way. For example, involve your kid in the new home organizing. Start with simple things and keep your child entertained and distracted. A couple of weeks later, they’ll get used to it. Good luck!

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