5 insightful tips for moving household goods internationally

Not many events in life can make you feel this excited. Moving abroad is one of the most beautiful, intense and exciting things that you will go through this year. You will be making new friends, meeting new cultures, working at a different job. Basically, everything in your life will change except for your belongings. It is very important to know all the tips for moving household goods internationally. Why should you give up on your household goods, just because you are moving abroad? If you have new, functional items worth transporting them, go for it, and we can recommend West Palm Beach movers to help you every step of the way.

two people packing dishes
When moving household goods internationally, think about the items that you will not need and it will decrease your final bill.

Downsize before the move

While there is no reason why you should give up on your belongings, ask yourself do you really need all of them. Downsizing is beneficial in many ways when moving household goods internationally. First of all, you will save a lot of money. If you decide to leave some items behind, the shipping weight will be lower and as well as the final cost. Secondly, this is a perfect opportunity to say goodbye to all the things that are not working properly anymore. Here is what you should not bring along with you to your new destination country:

  • Duplicate items – If you own two toasters, two hairdryers, two identical sets of glasses, etc, leave them. Take the items that are in better condition and never look back.
  • Non-functional items – If the item needs repairing, it may be a better option to buy a new item when you settle in your new home. Start your new life with new appliances.
  • If the cost of shipping equals the cost of the item – It is the case, then just buy what you need in your new country, instead of shipping it internationally and worrying if it will get damaged. Of course, if you choose licensed movers Florida, this is unlikely to happen.

Pack the items properly

Bear in mind that your items will be traveling a long way. Moving household goods internationally requires properly packed items. This means that you will have to protect your belongings with moving blankets, packing peanuts, tape. It is highly advisable that you start packing your items on time, while you are still rested and enthusiastic about the move. Of course, it is of the utmost importance that you safely pack fragile items. Because you do not want to see them damaged or shattered into pieces when you arrive at your new home.

Check for items that are prohibited

Although we want to transport everything with us, sometimes it is not possible, due to the law. Every country has its own prohibited and restricted items. Checking the list of prohibited items before you move will save you a lot of trouble at the customs. Here is the list of most common prohibited items:

  • Plants and animals
  • Weapons, fireworks
  • Medicine, drugs
  • Any flammable products
  • Fruit, vegetables or any kind of food for that matter
moving boxes inside an empty living room
Remember to check the list of prohibited and restricted items that you should not import into the destination country.

Choose a reliable moving company when moving household goods internationally

Avoid scams at all costs. Moving household goods internationally is much more than simply transporting goods. It means moving life-long memories in physical form. All of your valuable items, gifts, and loved goods should reach the destination safely. And the best way to do this is by hiring reliable movers. Check out the traits of reliable movers before you sign the contract. If you can get a recommendation for some movers, go for it. Do not hire movers that you have never heard of just because their price is cheap. Otherwise, you risk completely losing your items if it is a scam. Speak to your movers in person, and if you feel uneasy at any moment, just walk away. You have the right to do so.

Save money

Because you will definitely need it when moving household goods internationally. The more items you have the greater are the fees. But, once you have carefully chosen which items will you ship, it is time to save money. The sooner you start, the better. In this way, you will not have the sense that you are doing any hard work or limiting yourself. Before you buy something or sign any contract ask yourself if there is a less expensive way to do that. Of course, safety always comes first and that is imperative. But, between two good things, choose the less expensive one. It will pay off in the end, we can assure you.

a gold piggy bank on a black surface needed when moving household goods internationally
As soon as you make a decision to move internationally, start saving money and stay relaxed throughout the whole event.

Additional tips when moving internationally

In the midst of all the chaos that happens prior to the move, we tend to forget some important things. Always remember to:

  • Check out the passport and visa requirements – Check for the expiration date, and start collecting all of the documentation on time. It will save you a lot of stress.
  • Pack the essentials bag – Your valuables should always be with you, like your phones, chargers, documents, jewelry.

When moving household goods internationally staying calm and making good decisions is a must. Do not think ahead of what might go wrong. Accidents can happen to anyone, but if you have followed all 5 tips from above, everything should be fine. Think about your future life, and try to be as relaxed as possible. This is the key to a perfect international move. And remember, this will all go by so fast, and you will soon be in your new home surrounded by your household goods. Good luck!

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