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Whether you are in the market for a short-distance move down the street, a move to the other side of Florida, or a relocation across the nation, you will want the help of professional moving specialists with years of experience and expertise in moving services. With Moving Kings FL, you are able to get all that and much more. Our Coral Gables movers can provide you with a diverse range of moving resources and trained professionals that will make your entire moving process hassle-free and simple. Give us a call today or fill out our instant moving quote form to get a precise insight into your upcoming move.

    Get A Free Moving Estimate

    Get A Free Moving Estimate

    Are you thinking about moving to Coral Gables? If you are, you are in the right place! Moving Kings Van Lines FL is a professional moving company that can help you do so in an effective and safe manner. Our Coral Gables movers are more than qualified to handle this task, and all you have to do is to give us a call! We will take it from there! And once we do – you will be able to enjoy your fresh start with a smile on your face! Give our team of movers a call or get a free moving estimate on our website within minutes!

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    Why do people move to Coral Gables?

    When you’re relocating, let’s face it – you don’t just want to live anywhere. In fact, choosing the location of your new home is one of the most important decisions you can make while moving; and a professional company like Moving Kings Van Lines FL understands that fully. So, before you decide on contacting our Coral Gables movers, you need to think long and hard; and decide if this place is the right fit for you. We all live wildly varying lifestyles, and knowing that you’re going to a place that’s just right for you is crucial. With that in mind – just what kind of place is Coral Gables?

    Coral Gables City Hall.
    Coral Gables, the City Beautiful, really is one of the most beautiful cities in Florida!

    Coral Gables, or how people like to call it the City Beautiful, is just that – beautiful. But that is not its only perk. It is just the beginning. Coral Gables was designed to be an international city that welcomes diversity, different cultures, languages, and traditions. And that mix is exactly what makes this place so special. It has so much to offer, and once our team helps you relocate to the City Beautiful, you will come to realize that you made the right choice. So, wait no more and let us help you plan, prepare and finally – move to Coral Gables!

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    Why choose us?

    Moving Kings Van Lines is a professional moving company that understands its clients. Our Coral Gables movers will make sure you relocate quickly, efficiently and stress-free. What is our main goal? Our main goal is to make all your dreams come true and to make this relocation as easy and as simple as possible. It doesn’t matter what you need – our team can make it happen. So, give us your trust and let us help you relocate with ease. Why?

    • Our team has more than enough experience to pull off any kind of relocation, no matter its size, distance or complexity.
    • Coral Gables movers at Moving Kings Van Lines are highly-trained and ready to handle any task that comes at them. 
    • Our services are tailored to fit all your moving needs. And all that at an affordable rate.


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    Well, that is something that we have! And a lot of it. As leading professionals in the moving industry, we have performed numerous relocations by now. And when we say numerous, we mean – a lot of them. Moving is something that we know. So, no matter what type of moving assistance you need – our team knows how to provide you with it.

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    Our Coral Gables movers can handle any type of relocation project.

    You can trust and rely on our Coral Gables movers

    When you’re looking for the finest Coral Gables movers, the question is – what are some of the most important traits you’re looking for? If you ask us – one of them is definitely the trustworthiness. Why? Well, it’s fairly simple; when you’re relocating, you’re really going through an incredibly private process.

    Not only is this not something you want to leave to professionals; but you also need to be able to trust these people. Which is exactly why you should hire Moving Kings Van Lines FL for delicate things such as packing services. Not anyone can become a member of our team. Becoming one of us means having a lot of experience and skill. And once you decide to hire us to take care of your relocation, you can rest assured that you are in the safe hands. Our Coral Gables movers will handle your whole relocation so you can relax and enjoy your new beginning.

    All members of our team are highly-trained, well-experienced and trustworthy. And even more importantly – they are happy to help. Moving is our passion, and we will do everything that is in our power to help you move quickly and in a safe manner. So, if you are looking for a mover you can trust and that is near you – our team is your best choice!


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    We offer our clients a wide range of moving services

    And all you have to do is to choose the ones that fit your needs the best. That is all. We will take care of the rest. And it doesn’t matter what type of moving services you need for your specific relocation – we cover all the bases. From commercial to military relocationswe are your guys to turn to when in need of moving assistance.

    And – all that at an affordable rate. Our services are tailored to meet all your moving needs without breaking the bank. We understand our clients, and that is why we made our services so easily accessible to anyone. 

    An aerial shot of two moving trucks going down a road in the country.
    No matter what kind of moving services you need – our people are on the job!

    Let us handle your move, and enjoy your new beginning

    Moving can be hard.  In fact, the complexity of this process is something people often underestimate – to their own detriment. As you’ll soon learn, whether you’re doing a commercial relocation or just moving your home; it’s not simple nor easy. And even more so – it’s time-consuming. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. All you need are true professionals by your side. When you’ve got industry veterans to help you out; no relocation will be too difficult. But on the other hand; trying something like this on your own may mean biting off more than you chew.

    And that’s why it pays to have someone like Moving Kings Van Lines by your side. It doesn’t matter if you are a senior that is planning on moving for retirement, young professional moving for a career, or family oriented person looking for the best place for raising children – we can help you relocate and satisfy all your moving needs while doing so. Every relocation is different than any previous one, and that is what makes it so hard and complex. But, you should have enough time and space on your hands to enjoy your new beginning. That is where we come in.

    Moving box - something our Coral Gables movers can provide you with.
    Need some moving supplies? We can provide you with them too!

    Let us save you some time

    Let’s face it – relocation is not something you do overnight. At least, not when you do it correctly; and trust us, you don’t want to botch something as important as this. No, in order to have a successful relocation – you’ll need to plan it out weeks, if not months in advance. While it may seem easy from the outside; once you get into it, you’ll realize that moving means spending a lot of your free time. At first, it’ll only be a few chores; but once they start piling up, you’ll be faced with a lot of obligations to juggle at once; and not many people can do this successfully.

    And that’s why you want someone to help you out with all of this; not just anyone, but some of the most professional Coral Gables movers in the entire industry! With us, you’ll suddenly find yourself having more free time than ever! From the planning and logistics, to things like extra storage options for your things; we’re here to take care of everything for you. There’s no need to waste any of your valuable time doing something that we can do for you – professionally! So contact Moving Kings Van Lines FL for all of your relocation needs, right away.

    A white moving truck driving down the highway next to a black car.
    Once you decide to move with us – we’ll take care of everything else and save you time!

    Moving means making a big effort

    As we’ve already mentioned; relocating to a new home is not an easy undertaking. In reality, it’s not one big chore you’re dealing with; it’s many small ones instead. And these can stack up easily; you even have to do some of them simultaneously – which may be more than you can handle. Really, an unprofessional relocation is the surest recipe for stress. Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid all of that easily. There’s no need to expose yourself to the troubles of an amateur relocation; not when there are professional Coral Gables movers ready to take care of this for you.

    And that’s exactly why Moving Kings Van Lines FL is here for you! Not only do we have the most professional movers you’ll find in all of Florida; but we also fully understand what our customers need. Indeed, the time we’ve spent working and learning in the moving industry has given us some very useful insights regarding customer satisfaction. Because of that, all of our moving services are geared toward providing you with a stress-free relocation. With us, you won’t be spending your energy needlessly; we are here to do the heavy lifting for you!

    A man laying on a couch and reading a book.
    If you want to relax while moving – choose Moving Kings Van Lines FL!

    Relocating with us isn’t costly

    People usually think that hiring a moving company costs a lot. And for a good reason; if we’re being honest, moving can be quite expensive, even without hiring a professional moving company. Most of the things you have to do in this process cost some money; and if you haven’t got a big budget, all of this can easily stack up against you. But don’t despair – if you decide on hiring the right Coral Gables movers, this doesn’t have to be the case!

    All you have to do is find a moving company that is truly professional but also cares deeply about your wellbeing and your relocation. Which is why going with Moving Kings Van Lines FL is the best decision to make! Our company cares about providing affordable relocation services to everyone! Sure, just like anyone else; we need to make a profit. But we’re not needlessly obsessed with charging unrealistically high rates; at the end of the day, money isn’t the only reason we’re in this business. We are also deeply devoted to helping all of our clients make good life decisions and changes; through the medium of moving! So if you want a company who understands your position and cares about you – we’re your finest choice!

    Avoid moving scams by signing with a reliable moving company

    At the end of the day, we know that choosing a moving company is not easy. There are more than a few options out there, and you can’t really be sure which is the best one. However, once you do some thinking, you’ll clearly see that our Coral Gables movers really are your best choice. And for many reasons. One of them is that once you team up with us, you will be in the safe hands. And this should matter. A lot.

    Let’s face it; when you’re selecting movers, you need to find someone you’re sure will be careful with your things. After all, these are all of your possessions we’re talking about. Which is why we want you to know – Moving Kings Van Lines FL is the right address. Your safety and the safety of your belongings is the most important matter. Always. So, make sure you avoid common moving scams that can harm not only your house budget but affect your wellbeing. Give us a call today, and let’s start preparing for your upcoming relocation right away!

    What Our Customers Say

    Most definitely a moving company you can trust! The entire Moving Kings team were amazing! The movers worked so hard packing and loading our items, and I received delivery as promised.

    Jason Stein

    Moving kings has provided me with outstanding services. I could not have gone with a more trustworthy company! Everything went smooth sailing, from the moment I booked, up until the day of delivery...

    Raveesh Kumar

    I was relocating from Maryland to Miami Beach Florida, the second I posted my information looking for a quote I got hundreds of phone calls. I received many different prices and I spoke to many different...

    Brenda Shea

    I was relocating from Maryland to Miami Beach Florida, the second I posted my information looking for a quote I got hundreds of phone calls. I received many different prices and I spoke to many different...

    Brenda Shea

    Here is a quick summary of my experience with Moving Kings - feel free to read below for a more in-depth experience: -Customer service was great with communication and clear about expectations..

    David Goldstein

    We moved 1,146 miles away to be with our children and grandchildren, I went online for quotes and got about 40 phone calls. Moving Kings had a good rating and we liked everything that was included in...

    Mike G

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    We offer in-home and over-the-phone estimates

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