Moving to Miami can be the easiest task even if you hire the right moving experts. And the moving crews employed at Moving Kings are highly trained, always on time, honest, reliable, and attentive. So, all the qualities that guarantee all your moving needs will be satisfied if you hire us.

Our moving company provides you with proper packing supplies and boxes to complete your move successfully, without damages to your stuff. We own the equipment and tools to conduct any type of Miami move. Plus, we offer storage facilities Florida, in case you have a need to store some of your items. Contact us and book your move on time!

    Get A Free Moving Estimate

    Get A Free Moving Estimate

    Are you planning on moving to Miami, FL, also known as the ”Magic City” and don’t know how to do it? Well, don’t worry – you are in the right place! Moving Kings Van Lines is a professional moving company that can take care of this task for you – from start to finish. Our main goal is to help you move quickly and efficiently. Even more importantly – with a smile on your face! So, wait no more and give our local movers Miami a call today! We will take care of the rest.

    Sunset in Miami
    Enjoy the sunset in Miami while our movers take care of the transportation of your belongings

    Our Local movers Miami – your best choice!

    Your hunt for a reliable and trustworthy local moving company in Miami ends right here. Moving Kings is your best source of dependable local movers Miami. Our experience and expertise are just two reasons why you should hire our company. There are so many other reasons why you should give us a call right now! We provide you with a free moving quote, professional assistance to handle every part of your move and quality packing supplies to protect your most precious items. Plus, you can count on our reliable, efficient, and excellent customer service. We are always ready to listen to all your needs and to make a customized moving plan by respecting all your wishes and a budget. Constantly improvement of our local moving services is the main reason why we have an extensive network of satisfied clients.

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    We combine great customer service with modern technology and experienced movers

    This great combination of services is the reason why we have accomplished many successful relocations in the Miami area. A wide range of moving services including packing, transporting, unpacking… will help you pack, move and store your most valuable items. We offer all these services because our priority is to keep our customers happy and satisfied. You can be sure – your things are in the hands of skilled and experienced moving agents.

    Our local movers Miami are ready to handle any type and size of your move. No matter you are moving a small office, a big house or apartment, we are prepared to treat it with success! And you can be sure – all your needs and wishes are respected! We are ready to serve you at any time you want. All you need to do is to give us a call, and we will start planning your move to make a perfect fit for your needs and budget.

    You already know it – packing your whole life in boxes isn’t something you’d like to do. Not now, not ever. It is not only something that is hard to do properly, but it is also a big change that you have yet to adjust to. However, we can help you. Our Florida Movers are more than happy to assist you every step of the way and to make this relocation to Miami easy and simple for you. All you have to do is to give us a call, and we will take it from there.

    Our dedication to make your move a success and great team spirit are what make us the Kings of local moves in Miami.

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    South Beach, Ocean Drive, Miami Seaquarium


    Francis X. Suarez

    Get your free moving quote today

    Moving is a task that can take a lot of your energy and time, so wait no more and give us a call today! Or, even better, check out our official website and get your free moving quote today. And don’t worry, it is not only free. It is quite precise, too. We, at Moving Kings Van Lines, know how hard moving can be, and we will do everything that’s in our power to help you move stress and hassle-free!

    Reasons to hire our local movers Miami

    • We listen to all your needs
    • We take care of your belongings – we pack, load, move, unpack and store
    • Taking special care of your most valuable and fragile items
    • We transport your heavy and bulky items
    • Safe storage solutions for your convenience
    • Customized moving plan for your satisfaction


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    Miami-Dade College, South Florida Institute of Technology

    The sooner we start preparing for your upcoming relocation, the better

    As you may already know, preparation is a key to the perfect relocation. And that is something we want you to have. Our local movers Miami are ready to help wherever and whenever you need them to, but the sooner we start, the better. This way, we will not only give you a clearer picture of your upcoming relocation project ahead of time, but it will be much less stressful for you. Our local movers Florida are here for you. If you have any question, requests or need some additional information – we are your guys! Moving Kings Van Lines FL wants you to be fully satisfied with our moving service, so feel free to contact us about anything regarding your upcoming relocation!

    Let’s start preparing for your Miami relocation today!

    Nobody knows better than our professionals how moving can be stressful. But, also nobody knows better than us how to make it easier. Our safe and reliable local moving services Miami are the best way to make your move efficient and safe. Your items will be delivered with care and no damage. Our local movers Miami are ready to provide you with personal relocation coordinator who will plan every step of your move, with the right solution for every possible problem. Why personal coordinator, why customized moving plan? Because we want you to get the best from your moving experience. With our help, you will be satisfied with your moving process, from start to finish. Taking care of your needs and wishes is the primary goal that makes us the best in the city of Miami. We have skills, equipment, and knowledge to complete your move efficiently and affordable.


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    Average Commute

    27.7 mins

    Our local movers Miami offer you a wide range of moving services

    No matter how complex or big your relocation project is, you can rely on our local movers Miami. We have the right tools, knowledge, and experience to take on any relocation project, and yours is no different. We offer our clients a wide range of moving services, and all you should do is to choose the ones that fit your needs the best.

    Moving Kings is a moving and storage company known for its great moving services, competitive prices, and free moving estimate. Our local movers Miami are ready to make the transition stress-free and straightforward. You can use comprehensive local moving services:

    • Packing services
    • Short-Term and Long-Term Storage services
    • Office moving
    • Residential moving
    • Military moving

    Make your residential move a piece of cake

    Local movers Miami offer a wide array of moving services for successful residential relocation. No matter you are moving a small apartment or penthouse, you can count on our trained agents, quality packing services, and storage. Our agents are more than capable of disassembling, pack, load, and unload your household furniture. Safe transportation and timely efficient delivery is our trademark.

     Office moving with local movers Miami

    When comes time to relocate your office, this task can scare you a lot! But, you can trust our local movers Miami to perform the cost-effective and time-saving business relocation. Our agents are trained to relocate offices of different sizes without interruption of your business flow. We are dedicated to the safe transportation of your desktop computers, servers, IT equipment and office electronics with ease. You don’t have to worry about furniture disassembly – we got you covered!

    Are you moving your business to Miami? All you have to do is to say a word, and our team will help you every step of the way! When you are moving your business offices or other facilities, you must find a mover that can help you move quickly and efficiently. Our local movers Miami are the right guys for the job! We will help you move fast and in a manner that won’t interrupt your business’ productivity!

    Packing seems like a task that has no end?

    It really can seem that way sometimes. But, don’t lose sleep over it! Our moving teams are ready to help you pack your precious belongings in a safe manner. There is no room for mistake when you team up with our moving specialists. We will make sure nothing gets damaged or lost during the transportation.

    Do you need some packing materials for your upcoming relocation?

    We have you covered! Moving Kings Van Lines offer its clients a wide range of different options, and after you check out what packing materials we have to offer, you will realize one thing – after you team up with our local movers Miami nothing can go wrong!

    Need some boxes?

    Are you in need of some additional space for your belongings?

    Every once in a while we find ourselves in need of some additional space for our belongings. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does – it can cause you a lot of trouble. Especially when moving. But, there is no need for worry! Moving Kings Van Lines offers its clients a safe and cheap solution! Our storage services are the best ones you can find once you decide to move to Miami, so wait no more and choose a storage unit that will satisfy all your needs!

    Affordability – our services are tailored to fit your pocket

    Moving can be quite expensive, but not with our local movers Miami by your side. We know how important this aspect must be to you. And that was the main reason why we created our services to be what they are today – professional, but affordable. Moving without breaking the bank is possible. At least, once you team up with Moving Kings! So, don’t think about it anymore, and check out our relocation services!

    Moving Kings – the best of Local Miami Moving Companies

    Nobody knows better Miami neighborhoods than our agents located in the Miami area. Give us a call, and you will find out why our moving crew is the best for Miami move. Our licensed and accredited agents are ready to give you a free moving estimate for your relocation. We are licensed movers, so you can be sure your move will be professionally coordinated. With right insurance, our local movers Miami will bring your peace of mind.

    Local movers Miami know all the neighborhoods and streets in the city. This is the guarantee of the safe, quick and efficient move. Always improving and investing in our services is the main reason why we are the best of local moving companies. But, this is not the all. We are also equipped to handle a long distance move, too. With a plan based on your needs, you can be sure your move will be carefully coordinated. All our neighbors in Miami trust our services that’s why we make a memorable moving experience.

    If you want to be sure in our words, check our reviews and testimonials and you will see why our customers are satisfied with our services. We are committed to justifying our name – Moving Kings! We are striving to be on the top of Miami moving companies.

    Miami here we come!

    The City of Miami is located in Southeast Florida, in Miami-Dade County. And if you are planning on relocating to it – you have made the right decision. This city of Miami has a lot to offer. No matter how old are you or what your interests are, Miami is always the right choice! From low crime rates to great educational opportunities, this place has it all!

    Miami skyline.
    Miami – the paradise on Earth!

    Miami is a famous tourist place, but it is also a city that is very easy to fall in love. This world-famous destination offers much more than just beaches and sunshine. And, local movers Miami can tell you that better than anyone else. Nobody knows the city better than our local moving professionals. And we can tell – we have fallen in love with Miami, too. The proof is our experience of serving this area successfully. We help many families and singles to fall in love with Miami. It is easy to get to know the city when you have professionals to unpack your belongings.

    Take a deep breath on the Atlantic Coast

    Miami is a major global city and one of the wealthiest cities in the USA. With a great location on the Atlantic Coast, you can enjoy and feel the ocean breezes all year round. But, Miami isn’t all about beaches. It is so much more. Its great outdoors and green parks (more than 800) bring all the beauty to the city. The most popular parks Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park are places where you can enjoy with your family.

    You can breathe quality air, and you can drink quality water. Also, taste the great dishes and listen to the great music in many famous spots in Miami. Do not be surprised when someone says to you a few words in Spanish. Miami is a place where you can hear: Hola, cómo estás? (Hi, how are you). If you want to feel the real spirit of the city, make sure to learn some Spanish. At least, learn to say “gracias” (thank you).

    The city of Miami has about 430,000 residents, who are more than happy living in a high energy city. Here you can have it all – sea, beach and urban life in one. If you want to explore more Florida, you should know that you can easily commute to the metropolitan Fort Lauderdale and Broward County.

    Miami beach
    Enjoy and feel the ocean breezes all year round.

    Don’t forget- Miami isn’t just about beaches, food, and nightlife

    There are more qualities Miami has. Local movers Miami will help with some tips about the city so you, as a newcomer, can feel like a native quickly after the relocation.

    • Miami is a classy place – In Miami locals do not wear shorts and sneakers at dinner. People dress up nicely in Miami. We take care of out outfits. Leave your sneakers for the gym and buy shoes for spectacular meals in Miami famous restaurants. And, if you are a man – don’t forget a tie!
    • Miami traffic is terrible – Well, like every city, even Miami has one wrong But, you should be aware of it when moving to the Capital of Latin America. Expect to be stuck in the traffic. You have to drive defensively here.
    • You will quickly meet new friends! – People here are always looking for new friends. They are more than open for further Miami is placed famous for a lot of newcomers. So, the great about it is that after you relocate, soon you will have new friends and locals to help you get to know the city better. Visit some of the many networking events at museums, cultural venues, and bookstores, and you will find your new friends.

    All these good and bad sides of Miami will make you stay forever. Don’t be afraid to pack your bags and start your new life in Capital of Latin America. Many exciting opportunities are waiting for you. The only thing you have to do is to call our local movers Miami, and your transition will be filled with joy and sun.

    Referral program

    Once you team up with our local movers Miami, you will learn how it feels to move with a smile on your face! And for that and many other reasons, we have created a referral program for all our satisfied customers. Get $100 for referring your family, friends or co-workers!

    What Our Customers Say

    Most definitely a moving company you can trust! The entire Moving Kings team were amazing! The movers worked so hard packing and loading our items, and I received delivery as promised.

    Jason Stein

    Moving kings has provided me with outstanding services. I could not have gone with a more trustworthy company! Everything went smooth sailing, from the moment I booked, up until the day of delivery...

    Raveesh Kumar

    I was relocating from Maryland to Miami Beach Florida, the second I posted my information looking for a quote I got hundreds of phone calls. I received many different prices and I spoke to many different...

    Brenda Shea

    I was relocating from Maryland to Miami Beach Florida, the second I posted my information looking for a quote I got hundreds of phone calls. I received many different prices and I spoke to many different...

    Brenda Shea

    Here is a quick summary of my experience with Moving Kings - feel free to read below for a more in-depth experience: -Customer service was great with communication and clear about expectations..

    David Goldstein

    We moved 1,146 miles away to be with our children and grandchildren, I went online for quotes and got about 40 phone calls. Moving Kings had a good rating and we liked everything that was included in...

    Mike G

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    We offer in-home and over-the-phone estimates

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