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Moving to Sunrise City – Fort Pierce? Then, you should hire the best packing and moving services in Florida. Moving Kings provides you with high-quality packing materials and highly trained professional packers and movers. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings, because our movers know how to properly pack, load and move your personal items and household belongings to your new address in Fort Pierce. Use our extensive knowledge of every street in town and secure yourself a successful move. Get a free moving quote and start preparing for your relocation.

Get A Free Moving Estimate

Get A Free Moving Estimate

You decided to move and you want to relocate somewhere warmer. Your choice was Fort Pierce also known as Sunrise city. First of all, you made a great choice. This city has a lot to offer and you will always have an option to do something new. There are a lot of historic attractions and a lot of notable people came from this town. The town got its name after the Fort Pierce Army post that was built nearby in the 19th century. In order for your move to go smoothly, you should consider hiring movers Fort Pierce FL. There are many moving companies and you should choose carefully.

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You will enjoy the beach every day!

Why should you hire local movers Fort Pierce FL?

Well, there is one main reason – you will be getting a full package. We have been doing this job for a long period of time. And, of course, we are professionals. We, at Moving Kings, can provide you with a unique service that will make your moving process very easy. You should know, that first of all, you will get a free price quote from us. But more importantly, there are no hidden costs. We are one of the most reliable movers from Florida. We are great professionals in our industry, and we can help you, among others, with relocating locally, across the state, commercially.

Why should you hire Moving Kings

There are a lot of companies that will tell you that they are the best at this job. We are in this business for more than 20 years. We can fulfill any request that you might have. And we are always ready to adapt to our client’s needs and to provide the best service possible. Also, we have a very wide range of services from packing up your home to moving different items. We have different types of relocation services that we can offer you. Our local movers Fort Pierce Fl are the best option if you want everything to go smoothly.

Over the years we have specialized at different types of relocation. It might seem easy at first sight, but it is not the same when we are moving an apartment or moving a whole office. Tasks are different and request from our clients are different. That is why we train our employees to do their best. When it comes to moving, our employees know all the laws and regulations. They will provide you with proper advice so you can move with ease

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Your belongings will be transferred safely

Local moving

When it comes to moving locally, you are probably thinking that you can handle it with a couple of friends. You will have a couple of drives back and forth. But, you need to think about the packing and unpacking as well. It is sometimes hard to handle all of that when you need to work, have kids or simply you do not have time for that. And that is where the movers Fort Pierce FL come in. We can pack your home and unpack it for you. We will do everything for you as fast as possible. You just need to give us instructions, your special requests and we will do our best to do everything like you requested. We will create a checklist and move you as fast as possible.

Commercial moving

Moving your entire office is never an easy task. There is a lot of equipment that requests a different approach, so many desks or shelves and you just do not know where to start. That is why hiring Moving Kings can benefit you and your business. Better than anyone else we understand the need to finish the relocation process as fast as possible. You can’t have your business down for too long. That is why we can speed up the whole process with our wide range of services and our experienced employees. We will do our best to give you the best possible price. And of course, that is the guaranteed price.

Packing services

If you decide to hire us to pack up your things, you can be sure that we will do our job perfectly. Our employees have a lot of experience and they will pack up, categorize and label precisely. Since we know that your belongings are very important to you, we always use the best possible packing materials. We do not use old boxes or some cheaper wrap paper. We will do our best to protect your valuable items.

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Our packing materials are chosen very carefully.

Storing unit

First of all, you need to decide will you need a storage unit. We are there to offer you our storage units that are well taken care of. They are safe, clean and secure. And of course, if you hire our local movers Fort Pierce Fl, they will assist you in storing your items. You can give us a call at any moment and that way you can get all the information you need. You can ask about conditions, and you can get an estimated price depending on your needs.

What to do on moving day?

Now, all that is left is to prepare for the move. The best thing you could do is to give us a call on time, little bit in advance so you can get a free quote. We will schedule your moving day and we will give you all the advice you need. Our employees will be there a little earlier to pack up your things, so the whole process can go smoothly. You can relax and just enjoy the fact that you are starting a new adventure in Fort Pierce.

What Our Customers Say

Most definitely a moving company you can trust! The entire Moving Kings team were amazing! The movers worked so hard packing and loading our items, and I received delivery as promised.

Jason Stein

Moving kings has provided me with outstanding services. I could not have gone with a more trustworthy company! Everything went smooth sailing, from the moment I booked, up until the day of delivery...

Raveesh Kumar

I was relocating from Maryland to Miami Beach Florida, the second I posted my information looking for a quote I got hundreds of phone calls. I received many different prices and I spoke to many different...

Brenda Shea

I was relocating from Maryland to Miami Beach Florida, the second I posted my information looking for a quote I got hundreds of phone calls. I received many different prices and I spoke to many different...

Brenda Shea

Here is a quick summary of my experience with Moving Kings - feel free to read below for a more in-depth experience: -Customer service was great with communication and clear about expectations..

David Goldstein

We moved 1,146 miles away to be with our children and grandchildren, I went online for quotes and got about 40 phone calls. Moving Kings had a good rating and we liked everything that was included in...

Mike G

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