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    As one of our core values is to offer our customers complete satisfaction in terms of moving and storage services, we always invite and appreciate feedback from you. Feel free to share your experience with our team of movers here!

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    Moving Kings truly blew me away. I was so stressed when we first started to plan our move. I never packed anything for long distance traveling, loaded all my belongings safely, or secured them for such a long trip. Just the thought of it all, was causing me to lose sleep. My first call with Moving Kings was honestly relieving. My assigned agent kindly addressed all of my fears I was having before even discussing an inventory or price. After I was calm, he patiently walked through the house with me item by item. We discussed all heavy items and then he went through all the boxing for the job. Again, I'm a person that can barely make a bed. Much less safely box up all my personal belongings safely. So, at the end, Moving Kings had the best price not the highest not the lowest including all my furniture and packing. So, the day came for my move. Still me being the nervous wreck that I am, I called Moving Kings back to back to back. Customer service answered the phone every time, and was extremely patient with me. The girls in the customer service over at Moving Kings are beyond kind and extremely helpful on this kind of stressful day. For my move. Everything was packed and wrapped when being secured in boxes and on the truck. Each part of my couch was individually wrapped with blankets and pads, taped and then removed from my home. My kids and my husbands bed were disassembled and everything for the parts were safely wrapped together. Moving Kings really went above and beyond with even the smallest detail. Delivery! - To see all of my belongings arrive to my new beautiful home, as it was packaged, and in the condition, it left to arrive the same was absolutely worth every penny. They unloaded the truck. They reassembled everything. I really feel they went above and beyond. The driver and workers were so nice. They made sure all our rooms were arranged exactly how we wanted them. And they also protected my beautiful bamboo floor when moving everything in. Moving Kings has been phenomenal. I'd highly recommend them for anyone stressed about an upcoming move.

    I recently moved from Hagerstown, MD to Pompano Beach South Florida. By the way I am a widow, I don't have much family to help me. In the begging I was skeptical because of the amount of calls I received regarding my move. I was literally inundated with calls, however Moving Kings stood out to me. Their representative was very persistent and professional, he sent me emails, also texted me, and left a few voice mails. However, after getting to know him I became very comfortable moving forward. He really knew a lot about the industry and had a lot of experience. After a few moves in the past, I was leery about contacting a mover, originally, I planned to do the move myself, however I was so impressed Moving Kings that I decided to give them a shot. They did not disappoint! The idea of moving across the country was a nerve racking experience to begin with, their sales representative Mike was very responsive to my needs even though my dates weren't sure and to be honest I really didn't know what I needed. However, he took the time to explain the entire process to me at length and didn't leave any rock unturned. I changed my dates a few times, and the answer was always, hold on one second ill confirm with the driver right now, and just like that my concerns were no longer concerns. I could honestly say this company is on top of their game, after booking my move the quality didn't decrease, but it increased. I quickly went through their verification process, to verify all the details of my move which took about 3 minutes in total, however somehow very thorough, everyone I spoke to on the phone was kind, helpful, and I could tell they were generally happy to help me. After Verification, about a day later I received another call from Customer Service to give me my pick up dates and a 3 hour time frame for pick up. I provided incorrect information, by accident however Moving Kings customer service was on top of it, and quickly resolved the issue. One thing that really stood out to me was how consistent their service was, every time I called in with a big concern regarding the actual pick up they said, “OK, can you hold for a second? I will call your driver right now to make sure.” I never had to wait days for a callback, I was able to get my issues resolved right then and there, and I did ask for a lot being that I’m an elderly woman, I needed specific accommodations and it was not an issue for them. Overall I give them 5 stars, after everything was said and done, Moving Kings was very professional, they were persistent in following up, and I was genuinely impressed, I would recommend them to anyone in the future.

    Where do I even start? I can't even explain the quality of service that Moving Kings has provided and the prices they were able to offer for such a large move. When I spoke with the moving agent, they took their time explaining to me everything that would happen step by step- we did a walk through of my apartment so that they could get accurate dimensions and weights for my estimate. They were even able to tell how many boxes I would end up needing (and they were right) So we gathered my inventory and the agent spoke his dispatcher to see what days would provide me with the lowest cost as I was flexible with my pick up dates. After we got that squared away he told me the dates wouldn't matter because my move was large enough to have a private semi-truck come to my house and straight across country for delivery. I made a deposit and set a date. I will admit I was still a bit nervous at this point, but I had faith that Moving Kings would get the job done right. Two days before my move I got a call from the customer service department and they gave me a time frame that I should expect the driver. The driver called me about an hour away from my house and told me to get ready to move! when they arrived, they did a walkthrough of my place and listed every item that was to be moved, and what condition it was. After the walk through, they began to wrap and load all of my items. The guys were so nice and professional I felt safe enough to leave them at the house to work while I got them something to eat, they were working hard, they deserved it. After everything was loaded they I signed my bill of lading and they went to drive to my new house- they were estimating a 3 days delivery ( I personally thought that it would take longer) but every day that I waited the driver would call me just to touch base on where he was and he tried to narrow down my delivery time frame as much as possible. Delivery day came, as accurate as it could be, down to the half hour. Moving Kings arrived and lifted the gate and from that point I knew my move was a success. As the unloaded the items the foreman checked off everything that was put on the inventory sheet form when they loaded, and as they unwrapped everything they double checked the condition it was in and they also let me know who to talk to if there was anything damaged in the boxes that I had packed. They unloaded everything so fast and they put all my furniture back together with care. All in all I will use Moving Kings again. They are a reputable trust worthy company that excels in customer care and perfection of their trade. Their employees are of great quality and I really appreciate everything they provided to me as a customer!

    Choose Moving Kings and I can assure you, you will not regret it. They are a family owned business based out of West Palm Beach Florida. The entire team at Moving Kings has hands on experience in the industry for over a decade. The agents as well as the customer service team work diligently around the clock every day to keep you in the loop with your long-distance move. You will be assigned a rep who will update you regularly while your goods are in transit. They also offer the first month free storage for anyone looking to store their items temporarily- or even long term. I highly recommend Moving Kings for anyone looking for a reputable company who will handle your house hold goods as if they were their own.

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