Moving Carriers VS. Moving Brokers


What is a Moving Broker?

A moving broker is a salesperson who will broker out your move to a third party carrier. The broker’s goal is to secure your deposit by offering moving services for an extremely reduced price, but you can expect to be disappointed. The third party carriers they use often only meet the bare minimum requirements to become a “licensed and insured” affiliate of the moving broker, and they often utilize day laborers and rental trucks. Moving brokers may even go so far as to pay for reviews to build authenticity and gain your trust. You can bet that the service they provide will fall short of your expectations for a move.

Disadvantages of Choosing A Moving Broker

The problem with using a moving broker is that once they secure your deposit and signature, the moving broker has been paid and it’s now up to their third party carrier to complete your move. The third party carrier has to pay a portion of the job to the moving broker, so they will try every tactic to upcharge you. This is the reason behind many of the nightmare moving stories you read where customers are charged hidden fees (sometimes double the cost of the move), report missing and broken items, and suffer through delayed deliveries and pickups. It may seem like a good idea to have a moving broker mediating between you and the carrier, but who needs a middle man? Shouldn’t the same company that gives you the moving quote handle everything?

What is a Moving Carrier?

A moving carrier is the company that actually transports your belongings. When you work directly with a moving carrier like Moving Kings, you get a full-service, professional move without the hassle of working with a company that outsources everything.

Benefits of Choosing A Moving Carrier

At Moving Kings, everything is handled in-house with our own full-time employees. All of our employees are licensed, insured, and fully trained furniture handlers. They are also required to pass drug testing and a background check in order to join the Royal Family. Moving Kings also has a fleet of regularly cleaned and maintained 26-foot box trucks that are used exclusively for your move. We will not consolidate your household goods and furniture on a truck to make deliveries for other customers while you wait around for your belongings. As a moving carrier, we’re also able to offer in-home consultations that will give you an accurate estimate or offer a binding contract with a guaranteed price on your upcoming move.

It is our professional opinion that you should avoid using a moving broker at all costs. Moving is already very stressful and you don’t need the added stress of constant calls from moving brokers who purchased your information from a website where you tried to get a quote. Always take the time to read through all the paperwork and documents, including all the fine print at the very bottom. Check out one of our previous blog posts for more information on your rights and responsibilities. For the best experience, choose a trusted moving company like Moving Kings. We will handle every aspect of your move from beginning to end, and our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions. Call us today for a free estimate!

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