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Senior Moving Coordinator Tips

Senior Moving Coordinator Tips

With over 20 years of moving experience the professionals at Moving Kings know a thing or two about relocating your entire home or business locally, long distance or across state lines.  Here are some helpful tips from one of our Senior Moving Coordinators:

Downsize: Now is the time to get rid of any unnecessary and unused items. The more items you are able to eliminate from your home, the less packing and unpacking you will have to undertake.  This will also help to save on the cost of packing and materials if you choose Moving Kings professional packing and unpacking services.

Yard Sale/Donation:  Consider having a yard sale for all the items that you feel have some value or could be appreciated by someone else.  Making signs, posting on social media and taking out an ad are all great ways to showcase your upcoming Yard Sale.  Take advantage of Facebook’s Marketplace, Ebay or apps like OfferUp, Poshmark and LetGo to reach more potential buyers.  There are always donation centers like Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill that are able to accept your donations and sometimes they even offer free pick up services for bulkier pieces.  All profits can go towards the cost of your move or to purchase new furniture and decorations for your new home.

Organization:  Organization is key for a smooth and efficient move.  Having your household items organized either by category or by room will make the move go quicker which in turn generally will save you money and stress. Be sure to label each box accurately and clearly because our teams are very conscientious of what box the room is from and if it is labeled “fragile” or “handle with care.”  When off-loading the truck, our moving professionals can either bring each box to their designated room or put them in one centralized area for you to unpack at your own leisure.

Create a Moving To-Do List:  Moving can be stressful and we know there is a lot to keep track of leading up to your move.  It is very important you do not forget anything in the midst of moving so it is always a good idea to create a “Moving To-Do List.”  We find it is best to keep this list in your smart phone or in a notepad you carry with you so if you are out and about and need to make changes or add something to the list.  This way you don’t have to worry about trying to remember and then transferring that activity to your hard copy Moving To Do List when you get home.  Check out some other article like “Day Before the Move: for more a more in-depth analysis of things that should be on everyone’s Moving To Do List.

Research and Reviews:  It is important to thoroughly research and hire your movers at least one month prior to your anticipated move date.  A lot of moving companies use dynamic pricing and will bump the price of moves towards the end of the month, on weekends or if there is limited space on the schedule.  There are only so many possible morning shifts available so it is always best to get your research and booking done a month in advance.  Make sure to check all the reviews on Google, social media and Yelp and see if you have any friends or family that can refer you to a reliable moving service because a lot of companies offer referral programs for repeat customers or referred business.  Try not to reschedule your move once it is booked because it is generally on a first come, first serve basis and the new time and date may not be available.  If you do need to reschedule the date or time make sure you give as much notice as possible and find out any moving restrictions in the communities where you will be moving.

Box Round Up:  Stop by your local liquor store to see if you can pick up some used boxes.  Most liquor stores recycle their used boxes and generally will have no problem you taking a handful or two to use for packing. This is a great way to save money towards your move and these boxes are generally very sturdy as they were designed and sued for transporting every bottles of liquor.  Check to see if you have the original boxes for your electronics as this is always the safest way for transport.  If you do not have the original box it is best to inquire with your moving service as to what they can provide or recommend for transporting electronics.  Generally we find that wrapping the electronics in a moving blanket and putting them inside a TV box or dish pack is the safest way to transport them without the original box.

Utilities:  Schedule to disconnect and reconnect your cable, internet, gas, water and electricity. Call these providers at least a week ahead of your move to see what the procedure and process is for switching services to your new home and closing out your old account.  Keep in mind that the move is going to take up a majority of your day so it may be best to coordinate with these providers the day before or after a move as to not delay any service or your move.

Change your address:  Make sure to fill out the “Change of Address Card” with your local Post Office at least one week prior to your move.  You may still need to swing by your old residence to pick up any mail that wasn’t forwarded but if you have the card filled out at least a week in advance the Postal Service generally has no problem redirecting all mail to your new address.

Stop Buying Groceries:  There is no reason to do any food shopping one or two weeks prior to your move. This will just save you the time of packing and unpacking groceries and it could help save you the guilt of throwing away perfectly decent food if it is not transported or stored properly.  Why take the risk and create more work when you can familiarize yourself with a trip to your new grocery store after your move?  You will probably be eating take out and delivery a couple of days before and after your move as you are working through the packing and unpacking.   It is also a good idea to have some plastic plates and cups on hand as you may not find the packed dishes right away or want to have to deal with clean up while you are still unpacking.

•Know What Not to Pack:  Every moving company will provide a list of items that are considered hazardous and need special licensing from the Department of Transportation to transport. You will either need to transport these items in your own vehicle or dispose of them prior to the move.  Check out our article “Hazardous Items” for a detailed list of items and chemicals that are considered hazardous and cannot be transported by Moving Kings or any moving service with a special HAZMAT license.

Pack Your Valuables Separate and Keep Them With You:  Why take the risk to lose or misplace things like jewelry, medication, or important documents.  It is best to keep these items in their own separate box or suitcase that you should keep with you at all times.  Do not let these items get loaded onto the truck and make sure that this box or suitcase is packed prior to the move and set aside in your house or in your vehicle on the day of the move so the movers do not load it onto the truck by mistake.  It is a good idea to put all of your essentials into this box or suitcase as well like toiletries, chargers, cash and anything you will need once you arrive at your new home.

Check out more information in our articles “Day Before the Move” and “Day After the Move” for more detail and insight into these seasoned moving tips.  Feel free to give us a call at (844) 561-KING to get more moving information and a free quote for your upcoming move.

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