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Moving a Piano

Many of our customers require our professional moving service to move their pianos, keyboards or organs.  Some of our customers are incredibly talented musicians and their piano means everything to them, while other customers just have the piano as a decorative piece to create ambiance in their home.  Moving Kings has a complete training program and our moving professionals are very experienced and well versed in protecting and moving pianos.  This article will give you a break down of the proper technique for moving a piano to help put your mind at ease for move day.

There is a simple 5-step process to moving any piano but some pianos like a baby grand require a third or fourth man to ensure the piano is transported safely.  The first step is to prepare and strategize for moving the piano from the home to the truck.  Before the moving professionals wrap and pad the piano in the moving blankets, they will inspect the piano to make sure there are no damages or inconsistencies to the piano or hardware.  Once the piano is closed, padded and wrapped the movers can then proceed to the second step, disassembly.

The second step is to disassemble the legs from the piano if the piano is a baby grand.  Generally, one mover unscrews the bolts while the other two movers provide support by holding the piano from opposite ends.  Once the legs are disassembled, the third step is to lift the piano onto its side and strap it down to our piano board.  The piano board is a reinforced 4-wheel dolly with a board attached that allows for the piano to be strapped to the board.  The legs and bench for the piano are padded, wrapped and moved separately.  The fourth step is to wheel the piano on the piano board out to the truck and strap it to the wall of the truck near the wheelbase so that vibration is reduced during transport.  A lift gate is always preferred when moving a piano but not always required, especially with having a third moving professional on the job.

The final step is to off load the piano by unstrapping the piano form the truck, wheeling the piano into our customer’s new home and unstrapping the piano from the board.  The same process to reassemble the legs is used while one moving professional reattaches the legs, the other two moving professional provide support on opposite ends.  Once the legs are reattached the padding and wrap can be removed and you are all set to enjoy your piano in your new home.  The only service that is not included with moving a piano is the tuning of your piano.  You may be surprised because a lot of our Moving Kings moving professionals are musically inclined and may be able to play you a quick tune before bringing in the next piece.

The best way to move a piano is to prepare for the move by letting your Moving Kings representative know what type of piano you need to move and what the set up is of your new home.  If you are moving to a second or third floor, it may be beneficial to have a fourth mover on the job to ensure the safety of the team and piece while going up or down the stairs.  A piano board is built for rolling the piano on a ground level onto the truck, but if you are going up or down stairs the piano board needs to be lifted by hand until the team reaches the ground level.  This is of course no problem for the professionals at Moving Kings but give us a call to get more information or include the piano in your upcoming move.

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