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Packing is without a doubt the most tedious and time consuming part of moving.  However, it should also be a priority on your Moving To Do List because it will help to save on the cost of your move and prevent potential damage or misplacement of your fragile and delicate belongings.  This is a brief tutorial from the experts at Moving Kings on proper techniques and strategies for packing your home.

If you have chosen to undertake the packing of your house you may think that you have gotten yourself into an insurmountable task.  Take a deep breath, relax and re-strategize your technique and plan of attack for getting everything boxed up.  The most important packing rule that we can stress is, “the heavier the item, the smaller the box.”  Do not try to fill up a large box with books and heavier items because the integrity of the box will become compromised and even a brand new box will not hold together with that much weight.  It is best to box up books and heavier items into smaller boxes to ensure the box does not become compromised and so that they are manageable to move and unpack at your new home.

While packing glasses or dishware we always recommend using a reinforced dish pack and some non-acidic glassine packing paper.  Using newsprint is a cheaper alternative, but means that you will need to put all of your dishes and glassware through the dishwasher when you unpack them at your new home.  If you do not use a reinforced dish pack, the smallest ding into the box could cause severe damage to the packed items inside.  Dishes and glassware are among the most fragile items so it is important to also fill up with air space within the dish pack with the packing paper or to use the adjustable dish pack cells.

For wardrobe and closet areas it is always more efficient to pick up some wardrobe boxes prior to the move or have our Moving Kings team bring them out on the day of the move.  They are relatively quick to pack and unpack but they are about 4 feet tall so they take up quite a bit of space.  The clothes hang directly from the closet into the wardrobe box and there is also space on the bottom of the box to consolidate shoes, pillows, linens and loose articles of clothing.  If you are looking to save on the cost of wardrobe boxes it is always best to use suitcases and luggage rather than put items into garbage bags.  Garbage bags can only be carried 2-4 at a time and that means more trips to the truck, which generally translates to more time and money for your move.  Try to use linens and loose articles of clothing to help fill the air space in some of the boxes you packed.

Make sure your boxes are sealed up and do not let items protrude from the top or side of the box.  If the item does not fit into the box it is best to either pack it into a larger box or to have your Moving Kings team wrap the item in a moving blanket.  Boxes that are closed, sealed and well supported means that your moving team can stack the boxes 4-6 at a time on our hand trucks to load onto and off of the truck.  This will always make your move go faster rather than carrying boxes that cannot be stacked to the truck 1-2 at a time.

Labeling boxes can save you a lot of time and frustration when you are working through the unpacking process at your new home.  It is best to label each box before you tape and seal the top of the box.  Try to use general phrases and keywords that you will remember when you are getting to your new home and trying to find a specific item.  Your hairdryer might not have fit into the bathroom box you were packing so you may have put it into one of the bedroom boxes.  If the boxes are not properly labeled you may be wearing your hair up until you finish unpacking.

When transporting mattresses and box springs the Florida Department of Transportation requires that mattresses be covered in a plastic wrap.  The mattress bags range anywhere from $3-$10 and your Moving Kings team will be able to put the mattress and ox springs inside of the bag when they disassemble your bed and remove the mattress from the bag when we reassemble your bed at your new home.  This is definitely an investment you want to make for your move because you want to keep your mattress clean and protected for that first night sleep after a long day of moving.  Also a good idea to make sure you have a clean pair of sheets and blankets ready to go when you get to your new home.

Nothing in moving is impossible and our moving professionals at Moving Kings can offer our white glove service for packing up your home.  If things get to close to comfort for you to finish the packing give your Moving Kings representative a call to get information and pricing on our professional packing and unpacking services.  Give us a call at (844) 561-KING if you have any questions or concerns about packing and unpacking.

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