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How Long Will My Move Take?


If you are moving locally this is the key question that will give you an accurate time and price for your move.  When estimating a long distance move, which is generally any move over 150 miles, it is always in the shipper’s and carrier’s best interest to propose a Guaranteed Flat Rate Price for the move.  This is different from the local move billing system, which is generally based upon an hourly rate, and you are billed for however long the move will take plus travel time.  Chances are if you are moving locally and you are in a home that is less than 3 bedrooms or 1800 square feet, moving services will quote you at an hourly rate based on a 2 or 3 man crew and date of the month.  They will then retrieve an inventory list and some preliminary information to estimate how long the move will take so you can get an idea for pricing. 

The problem with the hourly system is that there is no definitive way to tell you how long the move will take without physically seeing the items and set up of each location.  Moving software programs are used to enter the inventory list and account for moving variables like a long walk, elevator or stairs.  The software takes the generic cubic foot or weight of the pieces to enter into the formula and generate an estimated time and price to complete the move based on how much weight or cubic feet each mover can move per hour.  This system is fairly accurate but since every move is unique someone may have an armoire that is barely over 6 feet tall and another customer may have an armoire that is 9 feet tall and made of solid wood.  The larger and heavier armoire will take more time to properly protect, handle and transport than the smaller, lighter armoire.

The general rule of thumb that we have learned in our vast moving experience is that each room contains about 1000 lbs. of furniture.  It takes about 1-1.5 hours to wrap, disassemble, load, unload and reassemble every 1000 lbs.  So if you are moving 2 bedrooms, a living room and a dining room, and each room takes about 1-1.5 hours to move, you can assume that to move those 4 rooms can take approximately 4-6 hours.  However, most people do not think about the time it takes to move boxes and miscellaneous items that are loose or not packed properly.  You have to try and put yourself in the mind frame of a mover and realize that if boxes are scattered around and not packed properly it is going to take more time to gather, secure and load those boxes.  Preparation and proper packing can really save you a lot of money if you are moving locally and utilizing and hourly system.

If boxes and miscellaneous items are centralized and organized than it will always be more cost efficient to have your Moving Kings professional moving team load these items onto our truck and deliver them to your new home.  A lot of our clients think that they can make trips back and forth before, during and after the move because they have an SUV or friend with a truck.  The problem is they don’t account for the actual time it takes to load and unload the vehicle each time, walk the items into the house or to the vehicle and the gas involved for driving around locally with boxes loaded to the brim.  Unless you can fit all your boxes and miscellaneous items in one trip, it is always more cost effective to take the additional 30 minutes to have Moving Kings transport the items in our 26 foot box truck with our hand trucks and 4 wheelers.  You may think you are saving the money on the hourly rate to move boxes and miscellaneous items, but it will cost you your time, gas and energy if you can’t do it all in one trip.

The best way to get an accurate local quote is to set yourself up for an in home consultation with one of our Moving Kings moving coordinators or to compile a very detailed and accurate inventory list.  Do your best to account for all the boxes you will pack and it is always better to overestimate the number of boxes than to think you will just have about 5 boxes for your 2 bedroom condo.  Finally, it is very important that you take into account the travel time associated with your move.  Moving services will allocate time for the team to drive to the first location and back to the shop if they are fully licensed and insured.  This is generally because the team is on workmens compensation and occupation hazard insurance programs so if anything happens to them on the way or from your move, they are fully covered for all medical expenses.  Also don’t forget about the time it will take a fully loaded 26 foot box truck to drive from your pick up location to your new home.  What may be a 15 minute ride in the car will take 30 minutes in a truck if there is traffic or congestion so it is always best to plan a local move for the early morning while neighbors and commuters are at work and not on the roads.  Try to get the parking spot as close to the entrance as possible so that it will eliminate a long walk for the moving team back and forth to the truck.

Give us a call at (844) 561-King and one of our moving coordinators can take you through the estimate process over the phone.  Otherwise feel free to email your inventory list to info@MovingKings.com and one of our moving coordinators will email you back an estimate and move information.

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