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Who to Notify Of Your Move, Part 2
You’ve already informed your landlord, your employer, and your friends about your move. Who is left on the list? Read on for part two of this series to remember other important institutions you need to notify of your new address.
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Who to Notify Of Your Move, Part 1
You’ve probably already told your friends and family about your upcoming move, but who else needs to know? In part one of this series, we’ll go over the people and companies you need to inform of your move first.
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Our Storage vs. Self-Storage
Sometimes it is necessary to have to utilize storage during a move. There are two options for this, the first being storing it yourself. The second would be having your moving company store it.
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How to Evaluate A Company's Reviews
One key factor to deciding a reliable and professional moving service is to read their reviews. This article will give you all the information you need to know when reading through all those reviews before selecting a moving service.
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How to Move A Piano
Need to move a baby grand piano, organ, or keyboard? You actually don’t need to spend more money to hire a separate professional service. Find out how our Moving Kings moving professionals will prepare and transport that piano during your upcoming move.
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How to Move A Gun Safe
Attention NRA members and firearm enthusiasts! This article is your guide and insight into moving and transporting that heavy gun safe to your new home.
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How to Move Large Pieces of Glass and Marble
If you need to move a large glass or marble, this article has everything you need to know about the rules of engagement, technique, and additional valuation.
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Renting A Truck vs. Hiring A Professional Moving Service
Before you enter your credit card information and hop behind the wheel of a box truck, please read this informative article. Our senior moving coordinator offers professional insight to the pros and cons of renting a truck versus hiring a professional moving service.
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How to Estimate the Time It Will Take to Move
We get asked this question everyday! This article will give you the hidden secrets to estimating the cost of your local move. Find out how long your move will really take and how you can make preparations to save a lot of money on move day.
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